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Charter Liberte’ in the Grenadines!

There is something special about the Grenadines, a different atmosphere to almost all of the other Caribbean Islands. For the crew of Liberte,’ we feel it is the Heart of the Caribbean. The Local Folks, their way of life, and their friendliness are just a tiny part of life here.

The natural scene of dark volcanic-sand long sandy beaches. Local markets are filled with chatter, music, happiness, and endless green jungle vegetation with fruits of all descriptions. Culminate in the way of life in these Majestic Islands.

A place in the World where humility and friendliness amongst the people join in unity. To provide any visitor with an experience of a lifetime. That will leave you going home with a smile on your face. And with the catchphrase of ‘yeah, Mon’ ringing in your mind.

These Islands remind oneself that there is more to life than work and money. As long as the sun is shining and the weather is fine, then life is good. And what you make of your day is not essential as long as you are happy in what you are doing. It’s a feeling that almost overwhelms you. And makes you want to remain in that beach chair or cockpit for eternity.

The Grenadines

Together with their magnetic pulse of relaxation, friendliness, and togetherness, the Grenadines boast some of the most beautiful Islands in the World.

The Sea life is unparalleled, with hundreds of thousands of visitors recollecting stories that these Islands are home to the most beautiful reefs and fish life in the Caribbean. These Islands are home to the famous Tobago Cays, a dive site visited by thousands of Snorkel and Dive enthusiasts every year.

Sailing past these Islands for the first time—–the smell of freshly cut grass and smoldering fires hits your nose as you make your way through the many Islands that make up the Grenadine Island chain. As the sun sets behind these islands, it creates a beautiful silhouette of mountain ranges and palm trees backlit by red sunlight.

Forests of palm trees line the shores, tall, elegantly shaped by the ever-present trade winds, dropping their coconuts for local children to collect, break and drink. The black sandy beaches were lined with old wooden fishing boats of all colors, ready to be paddled out for the early morning catch.

In between the coastal brush, a few small villages lie awake in their own island presence. Smoke trickles out behind each little collection of homes as kids play cricket in the streets. Everyone was smiling and laughing. These Islands are indeed the most natural Caribbean Islands to be visited.

Chain of Islands

The Grenadine Island chain is a collection of large and small Islands and islets, first known by the ancient inhabitants, the Caribs, as the “Land of the Blessed.”

The major Islands that make up the Grenadines include St Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Palm Island, Petite St Vincent, and Union Island. Each is individually unique, each with something special to offer its visitors. Each island is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and unsurpassed friendliness and hospitality.

Liberte’ loves sailing in these waters; her heavy displacement hull makes sailing these spectacular spirited waters comfortable, powerful, and enjoyable. The Grenadines provide an opportunity for a great sail between Islands, each just in view. With the ever-present Trade Winds, excellent sailing conditions are almost always, especially for a big sailboat like Liberte’.
Having chartered in these waters for many years, Captain Gordon has the knowledge and experience to make a Grenadine charter aboard Liberte as good as it gets.

“10 days for the price of 7″all-inclusive is what Liberte’s Specials offers customers this Season, and this would allow anyone joining Liberte’ to fully experience the Grenadines with ten full days of Island hopping; Take a look at this map to get a better idea of where the Grenadines are and how far apart from each other they lie, and to see what our perfectly planned itinerary looks like on paper.

Gordon’s experience

After chartering in these waters for many years, Gordon has come up with a well-practiced and used itinerary perfect for guests wanting to experience the Grenadines. The itinerary roughly goes a little something like this.
The easiest and most economical way to see these Islands is to fly into St Lucia and to fly out of Grenada. St Lucia lies just North of the Grenadines and Grenada just South. The Itinerary would have Liberte’ making her way from St Lucia sailing South to Grenada, visiting many of the Islands in the Grenadine chain on the way.

Liberte’ would be docked in Rodney Bay Marina St Lucia, St Lucia lies immediately North of St Vincent. St Lucia is a major airport hub and provides the most accessible access to this area of the Caribbean by air. Liberte’s crew would meet their new guests at the airport and, shortly after joining Liberte’ in the Marina, would leave the dock, head for St Vincent, and stop in Young Island Cut, close to St. Vincent’s capital city for the night.

A night on the Town.

A night out on the town to witness the natural beauty and friendliness of the locals in this bustling, colorful central hub of the Grenadines. A nightcap on board Liberte’ with the town lights’ haze spreading across the anchorage’s quiet waters.

Then onwards the following day to Bequia. Lying just nine miles south of St. Vincent, Bequia is the largest of the Grenadine islands – a compact seven square miles. Her history has been deeply entwined with the sea for generations. The age-old traditions of boat-building, fishing, and whaling are still evident. With beautiful beaches and coves, Admiralty bay is at the heart of Bequia, where you will find the main town of Port Elizabeth. Liberte’ would lie at anchor while her guests and crew enjoy a full day on the beaches and exploring the small Village and all its small craft stores and local side street shops.

After just a morning of sailing, arrive in Mustique, the home to the rich and famous, an Island that has numerous resident celebrities. The world-renowned Basils Bar is a good stop where, late at night, Celebrity stops are quite common, and then the next day have a tour of this magnificently clean, almost untouched beautiful Island. From here we sail to Canouan, where a magnificent resort and Casino has recently been constructed.

Grenadines Beauty

The Beauty of all the Grenadine islands are breathtaking as you sail from one Island to another. The hazy outlining of an island on the horizon (most are around 12 miles apart) becomes clearer and clearer as the water lightens in color from deep to shallow waters, and the coral reefs are visible from the deck as Liberte’ skims through the water to approach the next anchorage. Each island has something different to the last; each has a unique picture, snorkeling spot, anchorage, and highlight. From Canouan Liberte up anchors and sails towards the famous Tobago Cays. Which is just four miles away for a full day of some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean and the World. Diving is also a great option with a local Dive Company to show you the best spots and the ultimate scuba diving experience.
Union Island bares itself on the Horizon as the next destination. Union Island is a little jewel of the Grenadines with a beautiful quiet harbor surrounded by extensive coral reefs. The beaches are filled with several small beach bars with live entertainment every night.

Palm Islands and Petit St. Vincent

A short sail onto Palm Island, previously known as “Prune Island,” the new name reflects the hundreds of palm trees that the previous owners of the Islands resort planted. The most popular relaxation point on palm Island is Casuarina beach on the Western side, surrounded by beautiful reefs and exquisite clear turquoise waters.

Petite St Vincent presents itself as the next destination, a private resort Island with some of the most magnificent beaches around this magnificent Island. An excellent nightlife beach bar to enjoy a cocktail and the famous local lobster. Directly opposite Petite St Vincent is Petite Martinique. A short stop is made here by Liberte’ before sailing onto Carriacou; this Island has a beautiful beachfront filled with palm trees and beautiful homes and stores. This Island is also home to a wooden boat industry, building the legendary Traders who ply these waters under sail and power as far north as Saint Maarten.

Carriacou and South to Grenada

Carriacou is the official port of entry to Grenada when sailing South, and this is where Liberte’s crew would get the immigration and customs business done before enjoying a sun-filled day exploring the beauty of the Island.

The sail from Carriacou is fantastic as we pass the world-famous “Kick em’ Jenny” underwater Volcano, which we leave close to our port side on our way to St Georges, the Capital of Grenada. Our last stop after ten days of a fantastic adventure, having seen and visited 10 Islands, an Island a day!
Liberte and her crew cannot wait to share our passion for these Islands with you. This would be one of the most spectacular vacation experiences that will live on in your memory for years to come. These Islands` characters and beauty are unparalleled in the whole Caribbean. We all aboard Liberte’ look forward to hearing from you all, Clients, Brokers, and friends.

Book the yacht charter Liberte, and you might get treated to some unique cocktails onboard!

Liberte is no longer chartering. However, Captain Gordon’s stories are a good read. Check out what he wrote about the Lionfish Invasion in the Caribbean. And Yacht Maintainenace in Trinidad.

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