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Mustique - The Grenadines
Mustique – The Grenadines

Mustique is a 2.2 square miles small private island in the Grenadines. Just 18 miles south of St. Vincent. Mustique truly holds a lot of mystique. For generations, the island’s gentle climate, natural beauty, and palm-fringed beaches have attracted visitors. Without nightclubs, super-sized hotels, and casinos, it is still one of the most glamorous resorts in the world. It was developed with the need for a paparazzi-free refuge in mind. This is, to this day, the appeal. The island is the hub of the international jet set. Who values privacy above all things? Mustique’s list of famous property owners is long. Like Tommy Hilfiger, Bryan Adams, and Sir Mick Jagger. The repertoire of influential guests is even longer. From Johnny Depp, Sir Paul McCartney to Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband. Arrive in your chartered yacht, and you too will feel like royalty on Mustique.

Mustique History

Amerindians originally inhabited the Grenadines. Who most likely arrived from South America around 2500 BC. Followed by Arawaks and Caribs. European settlers arrived around 1700. But Mustique’s most exciting part of history started when in1958, Lord Glenconner bought the island. He planned to establish a cotton plantation with no roads, jetties, and running water. That changed when he gave his good friend Princess Margaret a plot in 1960. She used it to build a villa, Les Jolies Eaux. Considerable interest in Mustique as a destination soon followed. And in 1968, the Mustique Company developed an island for the rich and famous. Which has maintained its place as the quintessential private island paradise ever since. While maintaining a level of inaccessibility and opacity to outsiders.

Weather Mustique The Grenadines

Mustique has a gentle tropical climate all year round. The weather changes very little. December through April is the most popular time to visit. Daily highs are around 88-90 F, and the temperature rarely dips below 75 F. Its rainy season lasts from May until November. Short showers can be observed during this season. However, they never last long. Furthermore, the crystal clear ocean water is warm enough for swimming all year.

Vacation in luxury on Catamaran Tranquility while exploring Mustique
Vacation in luxury on Catamaran Tranquility while exploring Mustique

Places to See

  • Macaroni Beach – With both the Atlantic and the Caribbean surrounding Mustique, you have the opportunity to explore nine dramatically different beaches. But make sure to spend a day on Macaroni Beach. Indeed regarded as one of the top ten beaches in the world.
  • Basils Bar – This iconic Mustique institution sits over the Caribbean on bamboo stilts. With a thatched roof and Balinese décor, this place has in fact, hosted everyone from movie stars to royalty. It opens at 8 am, and according to its owner Basil Charles, it closes “when the last man falls”. And that, in summary, 365 days a year.

Things to Do

  • Horseback riding – What better way than to explore Mustique on horseback? Trekk up the hills or ride on the beach.
  • Tennis – The Mustique Tennis Club is in a word, a popular community hub. It offers six floodlit courts.
  • Spa Day – The spa is located at the Cotton House. You will be pampered with a range of treatments. In perfect harmony to nurture mind, body, and soul. While the relaxation room offers stunning ocean views.
  • Kiteboarding – The best location to launch is in the vicinity of the Bryan Adams house. And then cruise between Tommy Hilfiger’s and Mick Jagger’s villas.
  • Swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking – Lagoon, Gelliceaux, and Endeavour Bay beaches are located on the southern and western shores. They are altogether perfect for families with children. Ask the crew of your chartered yacht to get the kayak or paddleboard ready for you to explore the bays of Mustique. You will undoubtedly be in awe at the incredible oceanside villas.
Relaxing on the beach in Mustique, the Grenadines
Relaxing on the beach in Mustique, the Grenadines

More Things to Do

  • Macaroni Beach – Explicitly the most popular beach. And a trademark of Mustique. Great for experienced swimmers and the possibility of seeing celebrities. Plan a picnic on this beautiful beach. Relax with your toes in the sand while sipping on a glass of wine. Then watch the dramatic waves roll in.
  • Diving – Is truly fantastic on Mustique. The crew of your yacht will arrange equipment for you. Here you will find more than a dozen regular dive sites. Shark Cave is a deep dive for advanced divers. It is not unusual to see groups of black-tipped reef sharks. A small group of rocks called Pillories are great to see reef fish, lobsters, and eels. As well as turtles and fantastic coral fans. In addition, there are four wrecks around Mustique. The Antilles and in Plantain Bay lies the wreck of a crane. Then in South Britannia Bay is a mooring where divers can follow a reef to the remains of a small aircraft. And the wreck of a barge called Johnas.
  • Party and dance – Tuesdays: The Mustique Company’s cocktail party at Cotton House’s Great Room Bar. Wednesdays: Jump-up party at Basils Bar. Fridays: Happy hour and a half at the Beach Cafe. Sundays: Sunset Jazz at Basil’s.
  • Mustique Blues Festival – Held in January/February. 8 nights of outstanding performances are taking place at Basil’s Bar.

Gastronomy Highlights Mustique The Grenadines

It is safe to say that the dining experience on exclusive Mustique will be exquisite. Since most of the restaurants are Michelin-rated. Or the chef is internationally acclaimed.

  • Cotton House Beach Café – Endeavour Bay, right on the beach. Caribbean, Seafood. Casual atmosphere. A separate bar for evening cocktails at sunset. And a dedicated Ice Cream Parlour.
  • Veranda Restaurant – At the Cotton House hotel. West Indies-inspired cuisine. As well as classic and contemporary menu items in an elegant setting.
  • The View Restaurant and Bar – Lovell Village. The Caribbean, seafood. Offers a fantastic view over the bay.
  • Basil’s Bar – Britannia Bay. Iconic Mustique. It reigns as the top place to go to, even for dinner. The Caribbean, seafood, international cuisine. Located right on the water overlooking a striking blue bay. Come for a cocktail and stay for dinner. By all means, savor an item from the special lobster menu.

Marinas and Anchorages

Britannia Bay – It is possible to anchor here. Moorings are available. But you must inquire ahead. Shore access can be limited when sure VIPs are on the island.

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