“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
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The Caribbean yacht charter MARAE crew offers you a service that goes above and beyond. In fact, they pay attention to every detail to ensure you have a memorable stay on MARAE. Caribbean yacht charter MARAE is indeed fortunate to have Chef Sue Ficken. She uses her knowledge from International Culinary School to create delectable cuisine. […]
A Caribbean Sailboat Charter is an outstanding Vacation. With warmth almost year-round, the Caribbean is an ideal vacation destination with something for everyone. Relax, you will have a crew on a charter sailboat. Sometimes the crew is two persons: a Captain and a Chef/Steward. And other times, you could have three or more crew members […]
It is hard to surpass the amazing Clipper Stad Amsterdam for a luxury BVI Sailing Charter Itinerary. Sail in the lap of the Gods around the British Virgin Islands Day 1  The captain and his crew will welcome you onboard the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. After a delicious dinner, you will sail to the British Virgin […]