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swimming on a yacht charter vacation at VIAGGIO OFF BEACH

Water is beautiful, from roaring rapids to tranquil seas, but it can be intimidating for a novice swimmer. Vacationing in the Caribbean, cruising through crystal clear waters, soaking up the sun, and returning to the office with a tan to brag about are things we daydream of when we’re suffering through the afternoon rush.

What if you could work on that tan before vacation and alleviate your qualms about swimming on your yacht charter vacation? You can!

Where can you swim?

Most towns have pools available to the public for little or no cost. If you have your home pool, you’re ahead of the game. Swimming doesn’t need to become a monotony squeezed into your already packed schedule; it can be the break from the day you’ve been looking for.

You can hire a coach or sign on a friend to help you stay motivated. Many adults participate in swimming lessons, from beginning steps to refining motions or learning new swim strokes. Exercise is a great stress reliever and helps to maintain optimum health.

Not only will you be more comfortable in and around the water after beginning a swimming regimen, but you might even shed a few pounds in the process.

Swimming is a low-cost exercise

Sports can sometimes be costly, but the great thing about swimming is the only thing you need is a swimsuit. You may want to purchase several low-cost items to best utilize your practice time, but they are optional.

Goggles and swim caps are everyday comfort items; they keep your eyes from being irritated by the chemicals most pools use, and caps keep your hair from falling in your eyes or mouth during your swim.

Kick-boards and fins can be used to work on using a proficient kick or to increase speed. Hand paddles and pull buoys can be utilized to work on stroke technique and to tone troublesome arm fat. Snorkels are always a good investment, especially for those who haven’t yet mastered rotary breathing (rhythmic breathing did while turning your head to the side).

These can be found for around twenty dollars (or less) at popular local retail stores or can even be ordered online for more convenient shopping. Some facilities even offer some of these items as a courtesy rental at little or no cost; all you have to do is ask.

If you plan on participating in any snorkeling excursions, you may want to familiarize yourself with a snorkel before you begin your vacation. They’re pretty easy to use, but it’s far better to get used to the feeling and learn to clear trapped water in a controlled setting than amid your vacation. The experience’s confidence will help you enjoy your snorkeling expedition to its fullest potential.

Like most sports, you should start slow and gradually increase distance and intensity over time as your body adjusts. Two or three days a week is sufficient for a beginner. Two hundred and fifty yards would be an excellent place to start (in most pools, that is about five laps). Remember to do simple stretches for two to five minutes before beginning, and don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear appropriate sun protection. Begin swimming today, and when you head into paradise, you’ll be confident, healthy, and looking a whole lot better in your swimsuit!

Water Safety Note:

Basic water safety is also a valuable tool to have. You should never swim alone, even if you are a strong swimmer. If you are ever caught in a rip current, do not panic and don’t fight the current; swim parallel to the shore, and you’ll break the grip of the rip in no time. Always be aware of weather and currents, and never enter the water headfirst if you don’t know the depth or can’t see the bottom.

“It’s Five O’clock Somewhere,” especially when you’re on vacation, so be sure to know your limits and never swim while intoxicated. Keep these safety tips in mind and practice your swim a few times a week, and you will be sure to have the time of your life on your next tropical vacation. Enjoy your Yacht Charter Vacation.

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