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Explore the sun-kissed paradise with the best St Vincent and the Grenadines beaches. Truly an enchanting beach lover’s destination.

St Vincent beaches will captivate your senses and leave you longing for more. So, get ready to sail in different Saint Vincent and the Grenadines resorts.


Mustique Island, a private oasis, is renowned for its exclusivity and natural beauty. One of the most luxurious resorts on the island is the Cotton House Mustique.

Macaroni Beach

  • Macaroni Beach is an isolated strip of sand with crystal-clear waters and golden sands.
  • An idyllic spot for sun-seekers and surfers.

Pasture Beach | St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

  • A picturesque stretch of long, sweeping white sand beach with clear water.

Endeavour Bay

  • Offers ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Has several luxurious private villas with own access to the beach.

Lagoon Bay

  • Guests can view the scenic shoreline path while taking the road southward from the village.
  • A delightful beach offering idyllic swimming conditions.
A view from Mustique Island Villa - St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches
View from one of the Mustique Island Villas

Bequia | St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

A true Caribbean gem surrounded by coconut plantations, steep cliffs, and serene coves and bays. It is also an island haven for sailing enthusiasts, beach lovers, and honeymooners. The well-celebrated Easter Regatta is also something to look forward to in Bequia.

Admiralty Bay

  • It is the main harbor with a well-protected area for boats.
  • Princess Margaret Beach is a must-visit.
  • Another nearby gem is Tonny Gibbons Beach.
  • It is home to Lower Bay Beach with beautiful white sand.

Friendship Bay Beach | St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

  • Offers a beautiful coastal retreat with available cottages, villas, and anchorage options.
  • The area houses the luxurious 5-star Bequia Beach Hotel.

Indian Bay Beach

  • A popular destination with a black sand beach.
  • Conveniently located within walking distance of the main windward highway.
  • There’s a fee to access the gazebo, restroom, and shower room.


Explore the local charm with wooden houses and pigeon-filled fields at the central part, serving as the main anchorage. Discover luxury in the well-developed, gated northern area with a beachfront hotel, restaurant, and pool. Unwind at Glossy Bay Marina, an exclusive gated property accessible to permit holders.

Charlestown Bay

  • Also known as Grand Bay, is a picturesque beach.
  • Popular among both local residents and visiting sailboats.
  • The bay is home to the Tamarind Hotel, for those seeking a beachfront stay.

Shell Beach

Carenage Bay

  • Hosts the Mandarin Oriental resort, a luxurious hideaway catering to families and friends looking for a lavish retreat.

South Glossy Bay

  • A beautiful beach with breathtaking sunset views.

L’Anse Guyac Beach | St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

  • Also known as Corbay, is a protected area boasting a private house surrounded by white sand, corals, and reefs.

Rameau Bay

  • In the north, perfect for snorkeling and swimming

Friendship Bay

  • Provides a long stretch of sandy beach.
  • It is also home to the luxurious Soho Beach House, offering a premium beachfront experience.

Union Island

This place is a great base for yachting enthusiasts to pick up a mooring. Also, Union Island is an unassuming, relaxed, and friendly destination.

Clifton Bay

  • A vibrant hub for yachting, kitesurfing at Kite Beach, and full moon parties.
  • So, visitors can stay at the Clifton Beach Hotel or Anchorage Beach Hotel.
  • In addition, it is a vibrant waterfront hub with yachts, fishing boats, ferries, and water taxis.

Chatham Bay Beach

  • On the west coast of Union Island is a long sandy beach.
  • It offers a serene and secluded experience for sailboats.
  • In addition, hiking trails lead to breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
  • Chatham Bay is also a favorite among locals who gather for Sunday lunches.
  • Tenuta Chatham Bay is near the Grenadines SVG fishing site.

Richmond Bay and Belmont Bay

  • Both boast beautiful white sand beaches.
  • These picturesque bays are perfect for sunbathing and peaceful long walks on the beachside.
luxury charter anchored on Tobago Cays - St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

Tobago Cays | St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

  • Established in 1998, Tobago Cays Marine Park comprises five uninhabited cays.
  • Furthermore, these cays offer a blend of white sand beaches, rocky formations, and dry scrub. In addition, coconut palms adorn the shorelines.
  • The park offers opportunities for day boat tours, scuba diving, and the chance to explore vibrant marine life.
  • Petit Tabac, the fifth cay, gained fame as a filming location for the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Mayreau Island

Sailing is the only means of reaching the place due to the absence of an airstrip. Also, it is home to a friendly village with a quaint old church.

Saline Beach

  • It serves as a ferry terminal for boats traveling between St Vincent and Union Island.
  • The bay features a jetty and provides a convenient transportation link.
  • A good, clean beach, with family-friendly vibes.

Salt Whistle Bay | St Vincent and the Grenadines Beaches

  • On the other hand, Salt Whistle Bay, in the north, is a sought-after anchorage for visiting yachts.
  • It has a stunning white sand beach and tranquil waters, great for swimming and snorkeling.
  • In addition, commercial salt production was previously popular here.

Carnash Bay Beach

  • It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.
  • The beach offers a captivating setting.
  • Plenty of shaded areas, crystal waters, and fine white sands also exist.

Petit St Vincent

  • An idyllic retreat for an exclusive romantic island getaway.
  • Recognized as the top among the 12 Best Caribbean Beaches for Weddings.
  • Exclusively occupied by Petit St Vincent Resort.

Young Island

  • A beautiful beach with hiking trails also serves as a national wildlife preserve.
  • In addition, Young Island Resort, the only resort here, offers a secluded beach area.

Black Sand Beaches at Mainland St Vincent

St Vincent’s Kingstown Ferry Terminal boasts a bustling cruise port. Thus, it is a gateway for travelers to explore the island’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes.

However, this area has only black sand beaches due to the island’s volcanic nature.

  • Black Pirate Beach
  • Villa Beach
  • Arnos Vale Beach
  • Questelles Beach
  • Petit Byahaut
  • Buccament Bay
  • Mt. Wynne Beach
  • Chateaubelair Beach Wharf
  • Brighton Beach

Include St Vincent Beaches in your Itinerary

Overall, there are plenty of stunning St Vincent beach destinations. These are equally captivating Caribbean beach resort areas.

If you’re planning a luxury yacht charter vacation, BVI SAIL professional yacht charter brokers can help. We will incorporate the best St Vincent and the Grenadines beaches into your island getaway.

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