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Friendship Bay Beach in Bequia - Princess Margaret Trail Bequia

The Princess Margaret Trail Bequia is a scenic hiking trail that takes visitors through lush tropical vegetation and stunning coastal views.

The beach seen from the Margaret Trail in Bequia was originally named Tony Gibbons Beach. However, it has since been renamed Princess Margaret Beach in honor of the late Princess Margaret. The beach gained its new name after the princess swam in the waters just off the shore during her honeymoon aboard the royal yacht Britannia in 1960.

Generally, the beach is a popular destination for visitors to Bequia, known for its clear blue waters, soft white sand, and picturesque palm trees.

Rehabilitation of the Princess Margaret Trail Bequia

The Princess Margaret Trail in Bequia has been severely damaged since 2011. This was mainly due to a lack of attention by the local government, yet; people still try to use the trail even with the danger it poses.

In addition, strong September surges contributed to the washed-away overwater section of the trail. There were also incidents of rock falls which caused further damage to the instability of the cliff above. As a result, Action Bequia was initiated. The organization aims to restore and preserve the popular hiking destination for future generations to enjoy.

Rebuilding the area would hopefully bring back the overwater section of the trail. This would allow hikers to experience the stunning coastal views once again.

Other Efforts in Restoring the Princess Margaret Trail Bequia

This tourist destination is undergoing extensive rehabilitation efforts that seek donors to help fund the project.

These efforts include:

  • Adapting innovative construction techniques
  • Restoring the community center
  • Providing education in sports and culture
  • Engaging out-of-school youth in activities
  • Improving infrastructure and the environment
  • Connecting the Belmont Walkway to the Plantation Hotel

Thanks to these initiatives, people can now walk from Hamilton to Lower Bay, and further efforts are underway to eliminate smelly open drains and create more beautiful green space.

In 2016, the United Nations partially backed up these efforts. Part-time staff was employed for recycling projects. They used crushed glass and plastics to make concrete blocks in infrastructure projects.

Donate to Action Bequia

The rehabilitation of the Princess Margaret Trail Bequia and other related projects is an expensive undertaking. The Local Board has approved a start-up investment of US$100,000 to kickstart these projects.

However, recognizing the importance of the trail to the community and visitors alike, Action Bequia is committed to its initiatives. The contract has been awarded to Offshore Welding & Salvage, a company with extensive experience in similar projects throughout The Grenadines, including Mustique and Canouan.

The work has commenced and is expected to be completed in time. However, such significant expenditure will strain Action Bequia’s cash reserves considerably.

Therefore, donations are sought from individuals and organizations who want to contribute to this critical project. If you can help bring this wonderful amenity safely back to life, please donate here.

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