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Marigot Bay St.Lucia

St Lucia Caribbean Cuisine: THE EASTERN Caribbean is home to some of the best fresh produce on earth.

Guadeloupe, Dominica, St Lucia, Martinique . Whether its papayas or sugar apples or even the familiar banana you’re looking for, you can find superb varieties in this corner of the West Indies…Read More

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a very beautiful and majestic island with the Pitons in the South and green mountains. Noted for its banana cultivation which has now given way to tourism as the mainstay of the island.

It is a very good starting point for a yacht charter to the Grenadines. It is a downwind sailor reach to St. Vincent. Sailing from here allows you to arrive by Jet from the US or Europe at their large international airport.

Enjoy a few days of sightseeing on land before departing for the Grenadines. When you aren’t exploring fruit stands and seeing excellent architecture, dive right off St Lucia’s pristine beaches.

Spend your evening dining out on St Lucia Caribbean Cuisine and taking in the views from the harbor. When you are ready to sail, the true adventure starts as you head out on a magical journey.

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