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Are you wondering what to do in St. Lucia? A pinch of sand, a large helping of sun, mixed with a dash of adventure makes the perfect recipe for an exciting vacation. Visitors looking for things to do in St. Lucia, will find endless opportunities both above and below the sea from zip-lining through the rainforest, snorkeling among the coral, or bouncing around forest roads on an ATV. Below is out list of top ten things to do in St Lucia!

“Saint Lucia fulfills the desires for active travelers seeking a variety of ways to stay vigorous and healthy while away,” said Louis Lewis, Director of Tourism for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. “The island’s rugged natural landscape, diverse eco-systems, and crystal-blue waters offer a ‘must-do’ experience list of activities and excursions that will keep the heart pumping and body moving.”

Top Ten Things to Do In St Lucia:

1. Trail Hiking in Saint Lucia is not to be missed. The Tet Paul Nature Trail boasts some of the most spectacular views, including Jalousie Bay and the Pitons as well as stops at the Cassava House and Organic Farm.

2. Deep-Sea Diving. Views of Saint Lucia are just as amazing below sea level. Divers can indulge in colorful coral reefs and abundant marine life at popular spots like the Key Hole Pinnacles. Or get carried away by the currents at Superman’s Flight, the drift dive named after the movie, located at the base of the Petit Piton. A total of 23 diving locations can be found just off the shoreline island-wide.

3. Zip-lining serves up a healthy dose of adrenaline. Utilizing zip cables extended as high as 150 feet above the ground, visitors are transported through lush foliage for panoramic views of the rainforest, the city of Soufriere, or the Pitons at one of three zip-line locations on-island.

4. Jungle Biking is not for the faint of heart. Custom trails accommodate both rookie and seasoned riders using specially designed Cannondale suspension bikes. A skilled course training area is available for those new on the scene or seeking a quick refresher.

5. Kite Boarding takes surfing to new heights with the constant tradewinds. A common spot for this popular activity is the Vieux Fort area at The Reef Beach Café. Clinics, seminars, and workshops are available for those willing and ready to take on the challenge. Windsurfing is also available.

6. Deep-Sea Fishing offers a chance to explore the great Caribbean Sea through a number of different charters. Guests can choose between whole or half-day fishing excursions. Depending on the time of year, the Catch of the Day may include mackerel, king mackerel, white marlin, barracuda, kingfish or sailfish.

7. Golfing. Tee off at the Saint Lucia Golf Club located on the northern tip of the island set within the hills of Cap Estates, said to be one of the most demanding layouts in the Caribbean.

8. Horseback Riding. Experience the trails through Saint Lucia’s scenic northern coastline on horseback. Visitors can choose a route along the shoreline on white sandy beaches or experience the lush vegetation in the interior of the island. Horseback riding is perfect for all ages and any skill level from beginners to experienced. Each tour is conducted with a professional guide and handler.

9.ATV Become fully immersed in Saint Lucia by cruising with an All-terrain-vehicle (ATV) along peaceful forest roads en route to the beach. Riders can sample fresh fruit right from the tree and see first hand how it is cultivated.

10. Yacht Chartering gives sea lovers a 360 view of the island with the freedom to travel beyond the Saint Lucian waters.

Now that you know the best things to do in St Lucia, it’s time to head to paradise!

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