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catamaran SOL - Silent yacht

Discover the silent yachts – where luxury meets sustainability. Learn how true sailors help protect the oceans through sustainable yacht designs. Explore the rise of solar-powered boats and electric motor yachts, molding the future of sailing.

Learn how solar electric catamarans can make your Caribbean vacation a reality with this yacht charter guide.

Furthermore, get to know how engineering has used the power of electric propulsion. True sailors understand the importance of no emissions, no noise, finding their zen in the Caribbean.

These silent-powered catamarans go green with the next-gen energy production and storage. Thus, ensuring many years of voyages and endless sailing adventure.

So, get ready to set sail for a greener horizon, preserving the oceans through luxurious sustainable yachting.

Silent Yacht Power Catamaran SOL

  • A silent 80 yacht (80 ft. in length).
  • Sunreef Yachts launched the solar-powered catamaran SOL in 2023.
  • A true marvel of sustainable silent luxury.
  • It has four crew members.
  • Four exquisite cabins.
  • It can cater to 8 guests.
  • Provides organic bedding.
  • Has charging stations.
  • Offers luxurious, reef-safe, non-toxic personal care products.
  • Designed for family-friendly voyages. This yacht offers top-notch amenities with a positive impact on the planet.
  • Its electric propulsion system operates silently and odor-free, utilizing carbon-free electricity whenever possible.
  • Solar panels generating 21 kW power the battery banks for propulsion and onboard needs.
  • Furthermore, the silent yacht minimizes energy demand with high-efficiency cooling systems and eco-friendly water makers.
  • The crew handles waste by composting it on board.
  • They also avoid using plastic water bottles by producing water on board and using sustainable bottles.
  • To top it off, all décor, furniture, and finishes are vegan.
  • In addition, onboard food is from local growers, offering delicious vegan cuisine upon request.

Benefits of Renting a Silent Yacht

Renting a silent yacht or luxury yacht charter can offer several benefits. So, here are five advantages of joining in such an experience:

Serenity and Relaxation

You’re in for a real treat when you hop on a silent yacht! Connect with nature, support sustainability, and have a blast on an eco-friendly adventure. Opting for silent engines also benefits the well-being of marine life.

Free Charging

A solar-powered boat offers free pumping through the sun, eliminating the need for regular visits to gas stations. Solar yachts power up while guests enjoy the Caribbean beach, unlike diesel-powered motor and sailing yachts. This provides a handy and sustainable way to power household and navigational appliances onboard.


Silent yachts, such as Power Catamaran Sol, make it their mission to be ultra-quiet and environmentally friendly. They’re all about reducing noise and taking care of the environment. These yachts use sustainable energy like solar panels and electric motors, providing a quiet and eco-friendly cruising experience.

Overall, renting a “silent yacht” enhances your Caribbean vacation by adding more meaning to your experience. It also offers the same luxury and comfort as a traditional yacht while being more conscious of the environment. Less noise, more eco-friendly, a sustainable choice for your journey.

Power Catamaran SOL 80 - eco friendly luxury yacht
Power Catamaran SOL 80

Ready to Sail on a Silent Yacht?

Overall, solar-powered yachts offer endless possibilities for sustainable yachting. Electric yachts, silent yacht catamarans, and solar-powered vessels prioritize both the luxury, sustainability, and comfort of sailing.

A crewed charter catamaran that’s environment-friendly and also complete with professional staff ensures a wonderful island vacation.

So, it’s time to make a move if you’re looking for an extraordinary experience. Inquire about silent yachts for your next Caribbean adventure.

Contact our skilled BVI SAIL yacht charter brokers team to guide you through the wonders of silent yachting.

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