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Sailing Yacht BEL AMI

Embark on a guilt-free luxury voyage unlike any other with Vegan Yacht Charter Bel Ami Virgin Islands. Get ready to set sail on a breathtaking adventure while enjoying vegan dishes onboard.

Bel Ami is a vegan-friendly yacht that has a unique blend of sustainability and wellness as you navigate the Virgin Islands.

Moreover, Vegan Yacht Charter Bel Ami Virgin Islands with Captain Dave, reports Bel Ami is having a great season.

They have just completed their first-ever Vegan Sailing charter, serving the cuisine to a couple from New York City. The trip was great; the food was excellent.

And YES, we serve ALL food tastes not just Vegan and Plant-Based Cuisine.

He is getting ready to pick up their next charter guests from their land-based honeymoon at Peter Island Resort. In addition, the vegan menu includes Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi, pepperoni pizza, eggs Benedict, and more!

So, please don’t be confused about the food served aboard Bel Ami. S/Y Bel Ami can accommodate your food preferences if you are plant-based, vegan, or have other dietary requests. Captain Dave and the chef are very knowledgeable about plant-based cuisine. No Problemo!

In addition, he lives in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and knows the surrounding islands and special anchorages, especially for honeymooners.

Vegan Yacht Charter Bel Ami Virgin Islands Guest comments:

An Adventurous and Spectacular Way to Experience the Virgin Islands!
by Ali and Phil

We recently returned from a fantastic week-long charter on the Bel Ami with Captain Dave and Bobbie Rae. We booked the vacation almost a year ago to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Between booking and arrival, we had several conversations with Dave about our interests, concerns, and desires for the trip. Without exception, the vacation lived up to all of our expectations.

Captain Dave and Admiral Bobbie Rae enthusiastically greeted us at the airport, brought us to the Bel Ami, and we were off and sailing within an hour or two of landing. The first day was spent orienting ourselves to the boat and seeing how we adjusted to sailing. Captain Dave took great care to gauge our acclimation to sea life (I wore a trans-dermal patch, but my wife did not). We spent the remainder of the day snorkeling (with Captain Dave as a fantastic guide), eating, and relaxing.

Bel Ami - Vegan Yacht Charter Bel Ami Virgin Islands
Yachts docked in Anguilla

Reasons to Book a Vegan Yacht Charter

  1. Exquisite Vegan Cuisine: Book a vegan-friendly yacht charter for a culinary experience like no other. With mouthwatering plant-based dishes, witness chefs onboard with their innovative cooking techniques. This will not only leave you amazed by their excellent skills but craving for more.
  2. Locally Sourced Ingredients: Savor the flavors of the Virgin Islands with every bite. Bel Ami takes pride in sourcing fresh, local ingredients, supporting the community, and ensuring that you’re not only getting delicious meals but also helping in the sustainability of the environment.
  3. Many Vegan Options: With Vegan Yacht Charter Bel Ami Virgin Islands, being vegan doesn’t mean compromising on taste or variety. Their extensive vegan menu features delectable appetizers, tantalizing main courses, and decadent desserts.
  4. Expert Vegan Chefs: Prepare to be impressed by the culinary mastery of Bel Ami’s expert vegan chefs. They skillfully blend flavors and textures, creating unforgettable dishes.

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Experience luxury, comfort, and sustainability with Vegan Yacht Charter Bel Ami Virgin Islands. From innovative cooking techniques to locally sourced ingredients and an abundance of vegan options, every aspect of your culinary journey is carefully crafted to exceed your expectations. With expert vegan chefs, you’ll be treated to flavors that showcase incredible plant-based cuisine.

So, make your dream luxury yacht charter a reality. Book a vegan yacht charter with BVI SAIL. We are a team of trusted yacht charter brokers who will ensure the Caribbean yacht charter experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

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