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Next to a luxury charter vacation, guests usually look for the best Bahamas restaurants. So, here’s a gastronomic adventure guide to learn from.

Several local and international cuisines to explore. From Nassau’s bustling food scene to the tranquil shores of Exuma and the grandeur of Atlantis. So, prepare to indulge in delectable seafood dishes, tropical delights, and delightful island concoctions.

If you’re a foodie, this Bahamian cuisine guide will show you what makes the Bahamas a true culinary paradise. Guava duff, as the national dessert of the Bahamas is a must-try for any visitor.

So, get ready to delve into the scrumptious world of Bahamian dining.

Best Restaurants in Nassau Bahamas

Here’s a list of the top-rated restaurants near the city’s heart, Nassau, Bahamas.

Graycliff Bahamas Restaurant

Graycliff Bahamas Restaurant is a delightful Nassau dining spot. It offers a blend of Bahamian specialties and European cuisine. Moreover, this restaurant boasts a cozy ambiance, perfecting for a gourmet dining experience with friends and family.

They’re also open for lunch or dinner. They have an outdoor seating area. They also have a vegan menu option.

Lukka Kairi Waterfront Bar & Grill

One of the best Bahamas restaurants that offers a casual dining experience with the essence of coastal cuisine. Situated behind the British Colonial Hotel, also near a pier extending into Nassau’s historic Harbour. Additionally, originally constructed in 1983 for the James Bond movie 007, Never Say Never Again.

On the other hand, their specialty is Bahamian dishes, with the grilled grouper stealing the show. But they also serve delectable martinis and their ever-famous shrimp cocktails.

The Bearded Clam Sports Bar & Restaurant | A Must-Visit Bahamas Restaurant

Here’s a laid-back spot that’s popular among locals and visitors alike. The Bearded Clam Sports Bar & Restaurant is located in Downtown Nassau. You can gather groups and have a good time in the venue.

Furthermore, the al fresco seating area adds to the charm. Tourist favorites include conch fritters, nachos, and fish and chips.

However, you should prepare for a bustling crowd, especially on weekends. Their popular happy hour is from 4 pm to 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Never underestimate this delightful beach shack right at Junkanoo Beach. Crabs-n-Tings is a casual and cozy dining spot for families with kids and groups of friends.

Moreover, one of their specialties is the deep-fried conch meat. For those seeking refreshing treats, their smoothies made from tropical fruits are simply divine.

Island Brothers Cie

Aside from being a charming restaurant, it’s also one of the best Bahamas restaurants. Why? Because they serve a fusion of French and Mediterranean dishes. Island Brothers Cie welcomes guests from brunch to dinner.

They also have a fine selection of drinks and cocktails to complement your meal. You can enjoy cocktails either at the al fresco or indoor dining areas.

Nassau, the city center, is where you can find some of the best Bahamas restaurants.
Nassau, Bahamas

Athena Cafe & Bar

An easily accessible restaurant frequented by locals and tourists. Athena Cafe & Bar is near Prince George Wharf in Downtown Nassau, Bahamas.

Moreover, they serve Greek and Bahamian cuisines, from breakfast to dinner. They also have a special menu for dessert lovers. In addition, the conch chowder and trio dip are among the most popular choices.

Sapodilla Estate – A Fine Dining Bahamas Restaurant

For a more luxurious dining experience, Sapodilla Estate is the place to be. Also, the restaurant has live piano music that sets the perfect mood. However, regular dining requires a smart casual dress code. If you’re going for cocktails, you must dress in semi-formal attire.

They also accept small group reservations. They offer European and traditional Bahamian dishes. They’re also popular as a wedding venue. Plus, their vegan options can accommodate all preferences.

Among the guests’ favorites is the tantalizing conch salad. It comes with fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and cracked conch. Thus, creating a symphony of flavors that truly delights the palate.

Salty’z Restaurant and Bar | A Bahamas Restaurant for Comfort Food

A restaurant that boasts a delightful blend of Bahamian, Italian, and American dishes. In fact, The crowd’s favorite is their mouthwatering conch balls. Furthermore, Salty’z Restaurant and Bar is a casual and kid-friendly establishment. So, it’s perfect for gatherings with friends and family.

Best Restaurants in Atlantis Bahamas

If you’re in Atlantis Paradise Island, here are some of the best dining options.

A Refreshing Bahamas Restaurant – Murray’s Deli

This is a delightful restaurant near Atlantis Marina in Paradise Island, Bahamas. The NYC-style deli is the highlight of their menu. In addition, they also offer a selection of drinks to complement your meal perfectly.

Furthermore, the restaurant warmly welcomes families, offering a kids’ menu tailored to young taste buds.

With its casual and inviting vibe, Murray’s Deli is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal.

Lagoon Bar & Grill

Another one of the best Bahamas restaurants in Atlantis on Paradise Island. Lagoon Bar & Grill is open from lunch to dinner. They also serve a combination of Bahamian seafood dishes and Italian cuisine.

In addition, they also serve various cocktails ideal for your meal. The restaurant features a welcoming and relaxing ambiance. Thus, it’s simply ideal for families and group get-togethers.

Seafire Steakhouse

An American steakhouse that seamlessly blends contemporary decor with traditional flavors. Families are welcome to enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere. However, the dress code is smart casual.

With a diverse menu, guests can enjoy succulent seafood to the finest prime beef cuts. While their classic well-grilled steaks are a staple, the Bahamian lobster tail and seasonal shellfish are a must-try.

Café Martinique

This restaurant offers a diverse Mediterranean cuisine and a range of cocktails, beers, wine, and even desserts. It also offers live music entertainment for a relaxing atmosphere. Families with young ones are welcome. Also, they can arrange kiddie parties before 7 pm for children under six.

Bahamas Restaurant for the Seafood Lover – Bone’s Seafood

Here’s a hidden gem for casual dining. Bone’s Seafood is perfect for families with its kid-friendly environment. Furthermore, seafood lovers are in for a treat because there are a lot of fresh seafood dishes on the menu.

But, a true hit among guests is the local Bahamas beer Kalik. You can enjoy it with the delightful conch salad and perfectly fried snapper.

Mayan Cart

The Mayan Cart is a delightful spot known for its healthy wraps, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages. They’re simply perfect for a quick bite or snack. Locals and visitors alike love their scrumptious nachos and refreshing pina colada. A classic tropical cocktail made with rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice.

The Mayan Cart is in the heart of Atlantis Paradise Island, which is one of the top casual Bahamas restaurants. It also offers a blend of flavors catering to both kids and adults.

The Village Burger Shack

Just a stone’s throw away from Atlantis Marina, the Village Burger Shack is a must-visit spot. With a delightful Retro American theme, this family-friendly establishment offers casual dining.

The show’s star is gourmet burgers, cooked to perfection and served with various delectable side dishes. For those with specific dietary preferences, they also have vegetarian options.

Paranza – A Bahamas Restaurant with European Vibe

A one of a kind Bahamas restaurant that offers an innovative Italian dining experience. The Paranza specializes in seafood dishes, too. Generally, the restaurants give off an elegant resort vibe.

This restaurant also serves tropical shakes and refreshing beverages. With a beautiful ambiance, guests can choose to dine indoors or outdoors.

Mckenzie’s Fresh Fish & Conch

Mckenzie’s Fresh Fish & Conch is among the best Bahamas restaurants in the Dock on Paradise Island. With various fresh fish options, seafood enthusiasts are in for a treat. The grilled spiny lobster and refreshing conch salad are also perennial favorites. In fact, onion bell peppers add sweetness and crunch to the salad.

Viola’s Bar and Grill

A vibrant restaurant where guests can enjoy meals from morning til midnight. Viola’s Bar and Grill is in Sunrise Beach Club, Bahamas. They serve Bahamian dishes with a fusion of Italian flavors. But what makes this place stand out is the Karaoke night on Fridays.

Best Bahamas Food in Exuma Restaurants

If you’re sailing through the Exuma, don’t forget to treat your taste buds in one of these awesome Bahamas restaurants.

Tropic Breeze

Tropic Breeze is a casual and kid-friendly restaurant located in George Town, the Bahamas. Enjoy your meal with indoor and outdoor dining rooms with a panoramic ocean view. Locals and guests rave about the delectable stir fry pork and lobster popper dishes.

Cocoplum Bistro Exuma

Another one of the best Bahamas restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cocoplum Bistro Exuma is simply a delightful beach bar and restaurant ideal for family and friends. They blend French and Bahamian dishes, complementing a wonderful French wine selection. The menu also caters to vegetarians.

Atlantis Paradise Island is where some of the best Bahamas restaurants are located.
Overview of Atlantis in Paradise Island

Shoreline Beach Resort

A charming Bahamas restaurant and beach bar, Shoreline Beach Resort, offers rich flavors of Bahamian and Caribbean seafood dishes. Aside from these, they also offer gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. But the menu’s highlight is the cracked conch and fish tacos.

Shirley’s Seafood

Shirley’s Seafood is a must-visit dining spot in the Fish Fry Bahamas area of George Town. They’re open from breakfast to dinner, with a prime location that will surely excite seafood enthusiasts.

Ocean Cabin | A Bahamas Restaurant for Locals & Visitors

A top-rated Bahamas restaurant is popular with both locals and visitors. Ocean Cabin in Little Farmers Cay Exuma serves traditional Bahamian cuisine featuring freshly caught seafood. They also have a range of beverages that will complement your meal.

Wonderation Restaurant & Bar

Another must-visit Bahamas restaurant specifically in George Town Exuma, is the Wonderation Restaurant & Bar. They are open from lunch to dinner, so you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with friends and family. In addition, they have a selection of great seafood dishes paired perfectly with the beverage of your choice.

Best Restaurants in Arawak Cay

Some restaurants are popular with tourists if you sail in the Arawak Cay area.

Drifters At Da Fish Fry

For an authentic dining experience, Drifters At Da Fish Fry offers native Bahamian foods and culture. The local staple “conch salad” is a must-try as the famous Bahamian drink, Kalik.

Twin Brothers | Bahamas Restaurant with the Perfect Conch Salad

A Bahamian restaurant is known for its mouthwatering seafood, especially its famous Twin Brothers’ Conch Salad. Great food is served in a vibrant and lively setting near Arawak Cay in Nassau, Bahamas.

Butter’s Kitchen

A small, cozy, and charming restaurant giving all the local vibe. Guests can easily find Butter’s Kitchen near Arawak Cay. They also offer a fusion of Bahamian and international cuisine. In addition, their great cocktails are also popular with guests.

Deep Creek Restaurant & Bar

One of the Bahamas restaurants famous for serving Bahamian seafood dishes and local ingredients. Deep Creek Restaurant & Bar has a warm and welcoming vibe. They’re also open from breakfast to dinner. Weeknights are perfect for Reggae and tequila nights, too!

Sumptin Good 242

Locals and visitors of the island love its relaxed and friendly vibe. Sumptin Good 242 is a delightful dining spot near Arawak Cay. For your Bahamian comfort food, visit this tropical-inspired establishment.

Willy D Conch Salad Extraordinaire

For the most authentic conch salad in the region, head over to Willy D Conch. This casual Bahamas restaurant has a view of the beach in a lively setting.

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