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Moskito Island Yacht Charter activities

Kiteboarding in the BVI on a Crewed Yacht Charter. The British Virgin Islands is considered by many the best place in the Caribbean to kiteboard. Hence, the BVI  is growing in popularity as a Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing vacation destination. 

The BVI offers ideal conditions for riding, and the best way to enjoy kiteboarding in the BVI is on a crewed yacht charter.

Advantages of Chartering a Crewed Yacht

Virgin Islands Kiteboarding
Virgin Islands Kiteboarding

Chartering a private yacht can take you to various and rather hard-to-get-to locations. Not to mention offering great conditions for kiteboarding. On a crewed yacht charter, you can quickly escape the crowds. And your captain will take you of course, where the conditions are just suitable for riding. Also, when the full moon is out, and the wind is blowing, you can easily take advantage of night rides.

Catamaran charter “Cool Runnings” likes to take their charter guests to Anegada, located 12 miles north of Virgin Gorda. Anegada is a very special place in the BVI for kiteboarding. With its low elevation as well as many beaches to launch from it makes a great place to ride.

It can have butter-flat water at one spot and great waves at another. Limited transportation to and from the island makes Anegada challenging to get to. Unless you’re on a private yacht, it’s easy sailing to and from the island. There’s now a ferry service to Anegada from Tortola.


If you don’t know anything about kiteboarding but want to learn, ‘no worries’ lessons are conveniently available to you aboard your private yacht charter. For guests who wish to have instruction, there are a couple of options:

  1. A kiteboarding instructor can sail with you for the entire duration of your vacation. Or for several days.
  2. Carib Kite-boarding at the Bitter End Yacht Club offers instruction and equipment rental.

Carib Kiteboarding at Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC), located on Virgin Gorda, is ideally situated for prime BVI kiteboarding conditions.  Located in the North Sound, it is open to North East trades. This means you get the freshest, most consistent unencumbered wind. Eustatia Reef protects the West-East. In other words, it breaks up the swell to give less choppy conditions (the choppier the conditions, the bouncier the ride).

Carib Kiteboarding is a PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) certified kiteboarding school. They are a comprehensive kiteboarding center providing lessons and guided excursions in addition to the latest in equipment and apparel. Also, Carib Kiteboarding has added new Slingshot Z Kites to its collection. Learn more about kiteboarding at BEYC.

Kiteboarding Yachts in the BVI

Moreover, we have a selection of crewed yacht charters specializing in kiteboarding activities. The captains and crew of some of these yachts are kiteboarders, so they have an instinct for when the conditions are just right and know where to find those perfect spots for riding. The selection below is all sailing catamarans ranging from 45ft to 60ft.

Let us set you up with a crewed yacht charter for your kiteboarding adventure in the BVI.

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