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Holiday yacht charter BVI

Why celebrate on a holiday yacht charter BVI? If you want to avoid the crowded resorts and usual hotel celebrations, a luxury sailing vacation is for you.

Spending the holiday on a private boat offers freedom. A luxury yacht charter experience also allows guests to enjoy in exclusive privacy. Thus creating cherished memories with breathtaking seascapes. So, you can still have a festive yet intimate celebration during the holiday season.

In this post, you will get to know why travelers choose to spend the holidays in the British Virgin Islands. Also, get an idea of the top BVI destinations to escape the cold winter. More importantly, what are the private luxury yachts available for your Caribbean holiday vacation?

So, it is time to escape the winter chill and grab your sunscreen. Read on for important tidbits so you can spend your best holiday on a private yacht in the BVI.

Reasons to Book a Holiday Yacht Charter BVI

Forget the shovel and mittens. Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen because the BVI paints a masterpiece of carefree bliss.

1. Sun-Kissed Shores, Not Snow-Covered Streets.

Trade icy winds for balmy breezes. Feel the sun warm your skin, not numb fingers. Imagine sinking your toes into soft, powdery sands, not crunching over icy sidewalks. While blizzards rage back home, you’ll be chasing the Caribbean sun, not shoveling driveways.

2. Turquoise Waves, Not Traffic Jams.

Replace the rush hour honks with rhythmic waves. Dive into vibrant coral gardens and fish instead of fellow commuters.

Leave the stressful deadlines and office chaos. Kayak through hidden coves, instead. With a BVI private yacht, your only traffic jam is deciding which stunning beach to visit next.

3. Cocktail Cheers, Not Chimney Smoke.

Swap crackling fireplaces for tropical cocktails. Sip on the ever-famous local drink, “Painkillers,” and raise a toast saying goodbye to winter. Savor fresh seafood under swaying palm trees, not turkey leftovers tucked away. With a luxury yacht vacation, every day feels like a celebration.

4. Island Adventures, Not Indoor Blues.

Embrace the spirit of adventure. Hike through beautiful hills instead of crowded shopping malls. Explore hidden coves and beaches, not just the four walls of your room. An island-hopping adventure in the Caribbean always opens new doors to explore.

5. Festive Spirit, Not Frozen Faces.

Celebrate the holidays with a tropical twist. Party under the stars instead of the cold winter. A private charter can also take you to festive cultural celebrations. So, trade the snowman building for sandcastle making.

Overall, sailing on a holiday yacht charter BVI is always a great idea. It is perhaps, the best way to feel the fresh air and experience the warmth of nature’s wonderful gifts.

Luxury yacht charters come in various shapes and sizes. Thus, can take you to different destinations. Each island offers unique features and exciting activities to do.

a beautiful spot to relax - holiday yacht charter BVI

Types of Yachts for Holiday Yacht Charter BVI

The holidays are a time for family getaways, family reunions, and other big celebrations. So, the type of boat you can book can accommodate 2 to 10 guests.

Here are the BVI SAIL team’s top picks. Check them out.

€5,000 - €13,200 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 77.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1988
$29,000 - $33,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 54.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023
$25,000 - $33,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 54.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023
$20,000 - $24,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 49.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023

Is a holiday yacht charter BVI worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. What can get more exciting than escaping the chilly weather? Or getting away for an intimate vacation making Spring Break for kids worthwhile? Valentine’s Day can’t get any more romantic than a tropical destination.

  • You get to wake up with a majestic view.
  • See the sunlight filtering through your hotel-like cabin with a good air conditioning system.
  • The scent of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the aroma of the sea.
  • You have an aquatic playground to enjoy. Marvel at the vibrant coral reefs. Go snorkeling and kayaking, or go swimming in the crystal clear waters.
  • Sail from one island to another.
  • Explore lively bars in Jost Van Dyke.
  • Discover the secluded beaches of Norman Island.
  • Get the best recommendations from your expert captain and crew.
  • Treat your tastebuds to the culinary masterpieces of your chef onboard.
  • Share a feast with your loved ones under the stars on a wide deck space.
  • Sailing on a motor yacht during the holidays becomes even more special with local festivities. Join bonfires and beach parties. Dance the night away under the Caribbean stars.
  • The renewed feeling of a holiday vacation yet making a connection with nature.
  • Most importantly, sharing a special bond through stories and fun adventures with friends and family.

Whatever holiday it is, a luxury boat charter in the British Virgin Islands, is more than just a vacation. The possibilities are simply endless.

What are the top destinations for a holiday yacht charter BVI?

Creating an itinerary for your holiday yacht charter depends on your interests and the kind of experience you prefer.

Here are some sugestions, categorized by different themes:

For Beach Lovers

  • The Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda
  • White Bay, Peter Island
  • Little Trunk Bay

The Adventure Seekers

  • Norman Island
  • Sage Mountain National Par in Tortola
  • Pink Sand Beaches of Anegada

For the Foodies

  • Enjoy a feast of seafood and local drinks in the beach bars and restaurants of Jost Van Dyke.
  • Savor gourmet dining at upscale Caribbean restaurants in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.
  • Visit the local market for fresh, local ingredients in Trellis Bay, Beef Island.

The Cultural Enthusiasts

  • Explore the bustling capital of Road Town Tortola with its museums and historic architecture.
  • Discover the remnants of this 17th-century town and learn about the Spanish Town history in Virgin Gorda.

Romance Seekers

  • Enjoy a secluded snorkeling adventure and candlelit dinner in one of the hidden caves on Norman Island.
  • Sail to the tiny Sandy Cay, an uninhabited island, for a private picnic on the beach and breathtaking sunsets.
  • Relax at a luxurious private resort in Cooper Island for a pampering experience with breathtaking ocean views.

These are just suggestions. You can always talk to your trusted yacht charter broker and map out a plan that you prefer.

a couple on vacation - holiday yacht charter BVI

What are the activities that you can do on holiday yacht charter BVI?

Spending the holiday on a crewed yacht charter means more flexibility in terms of what you can do. You get unlimited access to water toys that makes it more remarkable.

  • Windsurfing
  • Kite-surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Exploring the islands.

Celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and Spring Break, whichever holiday you wish to charter. You can always customize a private yacht charter with the help of the BVI SAIL expert team.

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€5,000 - €13,200 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 77.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1988
$29,000 - $33,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 54.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023
$25,000 - $33,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 54.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023
$20,000 - $24,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 49.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023

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