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Antillean Lounge - Caribbean Charter Sailing Yacht

Caribbean charter sailing yacht, Antillean in St Thomas, USVI, is a lean, green, dream-making machine…

Captain Matthias and Chef/First Mate Amber have put their extensive sailing and experiences to hard work on Antillean’s Caribbean charter sailing yacht to prepare her for your perfect Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Matthias and Amber are accomplished sailors who have come to love the Caribbean above other areas of the world. “The Caribbean is fabulous for the flavorful food, friendly people, and fun sailing,” says Amber, “There is always something happening, many places to explore, sites to snorkel at, and beautiful white sand beaches to relax on. The waters are calm, and the trade winds always fill your sails.”

Exploring the Virgin Islands Aboard the Antillean

The Caribbean boasts turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and beautiful views. So, experience it all aboard the upgraded sailing yacht like the Antillean. Maintained by a friendly and professional crew, the Antillean then promises an amazing yachting adventure.

Whether you seek adventure or serene relaxation, the Antillean’s route will match to your desires. Dive into the vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, or kayak through hidden coves accessible only by water. Hike lush rainforests teeming with foreign birds, or spend leisurely afternoons basking on pristine beaches.

The experienced crew will guide you to the Caribbean’s hidden gems, ensuring to fill every moment with wonder.

Here are some of the sailing areas of the Antillean yacht charter:

Water Island on a Caribbean Charter Sailing Yacht

Water Island in the US Virgin Islands, is a perfect destination for your Caribbean escape on the Antillean. Soak up the sun, swim in crystal-clear waters, or dive or snorkel. Also, discover its hidden coves and pristine shores.

St Thomas

Immerse yourself in the bustling harbor town of Charlotte Amalie. Or enjoy the historic charm of St Thomas with a quick visit to Fort Christian. This luxurious charter yacht also lets you savor delectable Caribbean cuisine in the US Virgin Islands.

Cruz Bay, St John

Aboard the Antillean and explore the sun-kissed beaches of Cruz Bay on St John. Then, try an eco-adventure at the Virgin Islands National Park. Enjoy a line of sight of the pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and underwater marvels. Or visit Cruz Bay’s rich past at the Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins.

Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Imagine gliding alongside colorful fish and corals and historical shipwrecks in Horseshoe Reef. Whether the tranquility of Loblolly Bay or the Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada is a good Antillean sailing area.

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Explore The Caves, a snorkeler’s paradise. Or let the gentle Caribbean breeze and soft sand of The Bight caress you. Don’t forget Willy T, the iconic floating bar and restaurant. 

St Croix, US Virgin Islands

From Norman Island, sail towards St Croix, which unfolds rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and a warm, welcoming culture. Fort Frederik and Buck Island Reef National Monument are a few of the historic sights.

Caribbean Charter Sailing Yacht | She’s lean…

Captain Matthias has grown up on boats his entire life. He also genuinely appreciates the sleek beauty Caribbean charter sailing yacht Antillean has to offer.

Antillean is a 50-foot monohulled with four staterooms, ensuite heads & showers, and a comfortable amount of space. She was built for chartering. The design has a welcoming way of letting you right in, allowing for a smooth, comfortable vacation,” he says.

And there is a spacious deck to soak in the Caribbean, as Matthias describes, ”Our 15-foot cockpit awning allows for coverage from the sun and the rain. She has plenty of deck space for sunbathing, stargazing, and an easy access swim ladder on the cozy reverse transom.”

Caribbean Charter Sailing Yacht | She’s “green”…

Since coming aboard Antillean, Matthias, and Amber have made several improvements. However, the one they are most proud of is the solar panels.

Amber explains, “Matthias has been an independent genius on board Antillean. He was able to set up the entire system himself and have us running on solar power in no time. This was our first huge project on Antillean, and it meant a lot to us because we were being green, being mentioned in the top 5 of the Save the Blue award, and eliminating over 90% of our generator use.”

She’s a dream-making machine…

Caribbean charter sailing yacht Antillean is a stunning vessel on which to enjoy the Caribbean. But it’s Matthias and Amber who make your charter in the Caribbean special. They see Antillean and the waters of the Caribbean island as their home away from home.

And want to share their love for it with you, as Amber added, “The Virgin Islands is our backyard, and we love to play, sail and swim in it! We want to help you create memories that you will never forget.

Whether you want to sail, snorkel, swim, dive, go hiking, relax in a hammock, beech-comb, or do yoga on the beach. Or get into some fun water sports or enjoy the local nightlife. Additionally, charter a yacht and explore the abundant marine life, such as coral reefs.

We are here to help you make it all happen! This is your vacation; we want to make your dreams come true.“

antillean yacht charter deck dining

Antillean’s Crew | Caribbean Charter Sailing Yacht

Matthias and Amber continue to learn as a way of life. Both hold their 100-ton USCG Captain’s License, and Matthias values information gleaned through experiences. He explains, “I think that, of all the time I have spent on the water, the best part is the knowledge I have gained. Through the people I’ve met, the things I’ve needed to repair, and adventures that I had sailing the Caribbean.”

Amber continues to mold her culinary skills by studying with Matthias’s father. He is an accomplished chef, for over 30 years. “He has been a huge inspiration to me. With his European influence and having worked worldwide, I can learn many techniques,” she says.

The Antillean goes beyond a luxurious vessel.

Imagine a gourmet breakfast prepared by your personal chef. In the evenings, sip cocktails under a starlit sky while the crew regales you with tales of the islands. These things make your yachting experience truly unique and exciting.

On the other hand, with a bareboat charter, you captain the vessel. Setting your own course and schedule.

Caribbean Charter Sailing Yacht With BVISAIL

A Caribbean charter aboard the Antillean is more than just a vacation – hence, an opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones.

Imagine the thrill of reeling in a game fish as you drop anchor in your own private Caribbean haven. Also, the laughter shared over bonfires on secluded beaches, and the stories exchanged under the stars. The Antillean provides the perfect setting for cherishing moments that will remain in your memory forever.

Caribbean charter sailing yacht Antillean is sailing in the US Virgin Islands in winter and summer. Other ports that the Antillean yacht has specific time to visit are the Grenadines and Trinidad. Of course, except for hurricane seasons.

You can also arrange a custom charter, including St Vincent, St Lucia, and St Kitts in your yacht adventure.

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