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Top Caribbean Snorkeling Destinations in the Virgin Islands

More places were added to the Top Caribbean snorkeling destinations from the Top 10 Caribbean snorkeling spots in 2013. On your Caribbean yacht charter, you will be able to visit some of these snorkeling sites.

Top Caribbean Snorkeling Destinations

Caribbean Journal had created a Snorkeling List for 2013. This list covers the Caribbean – from snorkeling mecca BONAIRE to up-and-coming VIEQUES.

SNORKELING is one of the Caribbean’s most popular pastimes. And thankfully, there are more than enough terrific snorkeling destinations to go around in 2024. From marine parks to hidden coves, snorkeling in the Caribbean can be fun.

Grenadine Yacht Charter

If you prefer a Grenadines Yacht Charter, then you can visit the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada. Witness a haven for marine life in over 60 sculptures made from concrete under the sea.

Underwater Sculpture Park
Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

The Tobago Cays, a national park, boasts its crystal-clear waters. Dive into the island with a variety of tropical fish, sea turtles, and even spiny lobster. It is certain you’ll snorkel with green sea turtles around this tiny island.

On the island of Mayreau is another snorkeling destination for your Caribbean escape. The coral reef formation is a must-see in this marine garden.

Don’t miss out on the Devil’s Table in the shallow reef off the coast of Bequia. Enjoy good visibility of the underwater world at 20 feet depth.


Sailing the ABC islands, Bonaire offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving. How about sailing from Cancun and then snorkeling Museo Subacuático de Arte – Cancun?

It is undoubtedly the “Shore Diving Capital of the World”. With exceptional snorkeling opportunities, we are making it a top destination for snorkelers of all levels.

In 2024, snorkeling in Bonaire remains on top of the game. Charter on the western coastline, where healthy corals nestle, unlike off the east coast. Its shallow waters and world-class reef system make snorkeling memorable.

Many more dive sites you can visit, including Glover’s Atoll, Turneffe Atoll, and South Water Caye Marine Reserve.

Bahamas Yacht Charter

Fun in the Bahamas is snorkeling Thunderball Grotto close to Staniel Cay in the Exumas. The Exumas offer some of the clearest and turquoise waters you will enjoy. Starfish abound, swim with the pigs, and see the iguanas on the beach. Fowl Cay National Park is also a Caribbean snorkeling destination in the Exumas.

Have fun with the dolphins, sea lions, and friendly sharks in the Blue Lagoon Island, near Nassau. Such an animal encounter is fun to do with families and friends.

Experienced divers can explore the Dean’s Blue Hole in Long Island, which is the world-famous sinkhole. Therefore, dive into the natural wonder and swim with many marine creatures.

On your Bahamas adventure, snorkeling in the Clifton Heritage National Park on New Providence Island is a must-try. It reveals the famous Ocean Atlas, which depicts a Bahamian girl seemingly carrying the weight of the ocean. Such sculptures have been attracting marine life and offering unique snorkeling experiences.

Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Many yacht charters that sail the Caribbean know the top snorkeling destinations. The crewed yacht charters we recommend for our clients know the areas they are sailing. They will take you to the top spots for snorkeling and even a few that are not well known.

Trunk Bay, in St John, is one of the best beaches in Virgin Islands National Park with calm waters great for snorkeling. Hence, dive into its 673-foot long underwater snorkeling trail and see coral reefs and colorful fish.

Head off to the west coast of St. Croix and snorkel in Cane Bay Wall, a 13,200-foot-deep reef system. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter sharks.

Explore more snorkeling opportunities on the north shore of St Thomas – the Coki Point Beach. It is family-friendly with shallow waters great for young kids.

The British Virgin Islands also offer many snorkeling spots like The Indians, Mountain Point, Monkey Point, and The Dogs. Don’t forget the Wreck of the Rhone in Salt Island, which is a world-renowned dive site for history buffs.

Belize Yacht Charter | Top Caribbean Snorkeling Destinations

Some parts of Belize is only accessible by boat. But, still offers the most popular places to snorkel from along the reef system.

One is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also swim with nurse sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays in Shark Ray Alley.

The Lighthouse Reef Atoll is a giant sinkhole perfect for pro divers, able to snorkel in depth and currents. On the other hand, Great Blue Hole boasts unique underwater formations you can snorkel from.

Other Snorkeling Spots in the Caribbean

The Cayman Islands is also a snorkeler’s dream in the Western Caribbean. Grand Cayman, for instance, with over 25 snorkeling spots. These include the Stingray City, a natural sandbar, where you can snorkel with gentle stingrays.

Other popular snorkeling spots include the Barrier Reef, Coral Gardens and Eden Rock.

More of the island chains for snorkeling in the north and east Caribbean:

  • Soufrière, St Lucia
  • Marigot Bay, St Lucia
  • Anguilla Marine Parks
  • Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin (Guadeloupe)
  • English Harbour, Antigua

Visit Caribbean Snorkeling Destinations With BVI SAIL

The Caribbean islands are more than just white sand beaches. Consequently, it is a true paradise, teeming with marine life waiting beneath the waves.

Surely, the Caribbean Sea has a perfect snorkeling spot for everyone. Whether you seek the sheltered coves of St. John or the dramatic underwater walls of Bonaire. Plus, the vibrant reefs and fishes in the Bahamas.

Let us know the goals for your yacht charter vacation. So, we can assist you to find the right crew and yacht for your vacation.

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