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Sailboat Racing in the BVI

Travelers to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, and the US Virgin Islands. As well as other islands in the Caribbean, with an interest in sailing and racing will be sure to want to explore the IC24 sailboat racing.

IC24s are excellent for those who are learning to sail for the first time. Due to their maneuverability and size. This makes it just right for the vacationer who wants to explore the challenge of a new watersports adventure.

The IC24 is a modified J24 design. It can hold up to 5 sailors at a time allowing for team sailing.  According to, the IC24 is controlled by a tiller rather than a wheel, which is especially helpful to those first learning to sail as the response time to the skipper’s adjustments is faster, allowing the beginner to understand better which corrections work and which don’t.

This user-friendly design might be one of the reasons the IC24 is so popular with both the Kids and The Sea programs ( In addition to tourists in the British Virgin Islands. In fact, those who are looking for active vacations in the Caribbean could have much success learning to sail an IC24 in a short amount of time. They can take classes such as those offered at the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda.

Another Way to Sail the IC24

Another way to enjoy the IC24 is to attend one of the many races in the Caribbean. There are several IC24 regattas held every year in the British Virgin Islands. In addition, teams from all over the world race in these events.

Originally designed in St. Thomas by Chris Rosenberg and Morgan Avery after Hurricane Marilyn wiped out much of the St. Thomas Yacht Club fleet in 1995. Furthermore, the IC24 has grown in popularity among novices and experienced sailors alike.

Many experts say it is now one of the most popular keelboats around. In fact with approximately 5,200 hulls throughout the world ( and

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