15 Activities for French West Indies Boat Charter

One of the catamarans we’ve come to know in the British Virgin Islands, Lolalita is currently a French West Indies boat charter. Unfamiliar with the area? Trust these experts! Husband and wife owner/operators Ernie and Megan Schlobohm know the French West Indies well, and took some time from their busy hosting and sailing to answer […]

Guadeloupe Islands Video

Guadeloupe Islands Video Guadeloupe Launches New Campaign With Season 2 of “Let Me Show You My Islands”. Watch their fantastic Guadeloupe Islands Video Starring Ambassador Willy Monfret “Guadeloupe Islands, Naturally Active” Theme invites travelers to experience The French-Caribbean Archipelago like never before. Guadeloupe Islands, May 6, 2014 – The Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board has extended […]

Guadeloupe Seven Tiny Islands

Guadeloupe, with five major islands to check out, is an island hopper’s dream come true. But this archipelago in the French West Indies also has a number of tiny islets dotting the water. The Carib Journal ‘s article is about Guadeloupe seven tiny islands. These spots of paradise are the perfect places to check out on […]

Things To Do In Guadeloupe

There are many wonderful things to do in Guadeloupe – and the island of  “Basse-Terre” has it all! The Guadeloupe Archipelago is comprised of five beautiful islands, each adding its own distinct flavor to the Guadeloupe experience. Basse-Terre, the west wing of the “Guadeloupe Butterfly”, lies adjacent to Grande-Terre and is nicknamed the “Emerald Isle”. […]

Guadeloupe Tourism is Growing

Guadeloupe Tourism is Growing and on a Roll In fall 2013, the Guadeloupe Islands announced a 26 percent increase in tourism arrivals over the previous year. This is virtually unprecedented in the Caribbean (and anywhere else), where occupancy rates rose 2 percent, on average. How did this collection of isles, which include beach resorts on […]