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Black Sand Beach on Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe, La Desirade Island

On your Guadeloupe Boat-Charter, La Desirade Island should be on the itinerary. It is part of the Guadeloupe archipelago in the French West Indies. This island is in fact a haven of peace featuring only one main road. You can explore it on foot, by bike, and especially on a scooter. The island stretches over a rocky plateau. It is 11km in length and is skirted by appealing white sand beaches that are protected by long coral reefs. This makes them consequently the perfect place for swimming, walking enthusiasts, and scuba diving. For this reason, your Guadeloupe boat charter will take you to the best spots for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Take a scooter and explore the island along the winding road to Grande Montagne. The panoramic views from this tiny village are indeed spectacular.

Visit La Desirade on your Guadeloupe Boat-Charter

La Desirade means “the desire” in French. And according to legend, it was Christopher Columbus who saw the island after many days on the sea without fresh drinking water. Seeing its beauty and the possibility of clean water encouraged him to name it “La Desirade”. The view of beautiful coconut palms and sea grape trees gracing the magnificent beaches gives the name justice. Do not miss La Desirade. Listed as a French geological National Reserve. In addition, it is the oldest island in the Lesser Antilles. Besides, you will find this an excellent place to relax and appreciate its beauty.

On a Guadeloupe Boat-Charter to La Desirade
Petite Terre

Major sites on Guadeloupe include:

  • Petite-Rivière beach, ideal for scuba diving
  • The Morne du Souffleur, a 1-hour walk to the top which offers a superb view
  • Beauséjour beach with its long stretch of fine sand
  • The ruins of a former leprosy hospital and former cotton mill
  • The Petite-Terre islands, listed as a nature reserve since 1998. The islands boast remarkable biological diversity due to their modest surface area. Which is juxtaposed with a variety of environments such as forest vegetation. As well as salt marshes, sandy beaches, rocky coasts, lagoons, coral reefs, and abundant marine life. These tiny islands are not to be missed and your Guadeloupe yacht charter will take you right to them.

Special Thanks to The Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board for providing access to, and permission to use, the contents above.

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