“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Les Saintes-Guadeloupe

The most memorable part of your sailing adventure may not be the turquoise waters or the playful turtle beneath the surface. No, it may just be your Guadeloupe boat charter cuisine. Bon Appetit!

Guadeloupe Cuisine

You may be familiar with French foods like foie gras and Camembert, but the Creole specialties may be a bit harder to define, so here’s a quick guide to six wonderful dishes you won’t want to miss.

  • ACCRAS: Appetizers that are seafood or vegetable fritters.
  • BLAFF: Poached fish that has been marinated in lime juice and spices.
  • COLOMBO: Meat or fish prepared in an aromatic Creole-style curry that differs from most curries found in India (for example, sometimes it doesn’t include cumin, so it imparts a more exotic flavor).
  • CRABES FARCIS: Spicy stuffed crabs that Guadeloupean chefs time perfectly so they’re moist, not dry.
  • GOAT STEW: In curry or other sauces, its flavor is vaguely like that of lamb, but stronger and more fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth tender.
  • TOURMENT D’AMOUR: A pastry from Les Saintes that resembles a height-challenged cupcake and is flavored with coconut or other tropical fruits.

The Joy of Rum

Distilleries in many countries produce rum from molasses and other by-products of sugar. Guadeloupe’s producers distill directly from the sugarcane juice, which results in a purer flavor. Rum cocktails like piña coladas and daiquiris are ubiquitous in Guadeloupe’s hotels and restaurants. The classic tipple here is Ti’punch, made with rum, cane syrup, lime, and sometimes a slice of starfruit.

Surely the most aromatic tour on earth is a trip to one of the rum distilleries that lets visitors see how cane is grown (these bottlers are often right on the farms), crushed, fermented, distilled, and aged. Yes, aged: When you see dark rum in Guadeloupe, its color comes not from additives, but from years of storage in charred oak barrels. Call it rhum vieux (vintage rum) or estate-bottled rum—both terms are accurate—Guadeloupe’s rums have a depth and smoothness that makes them worthy of sipping straight up, like a fine Cognac. And visitors get a chance to do exactly that when they tour the distilleries.

Three of the best to visit produce top-quality white rum on Marie-Galante: Domaine de Bellevue (more than 200 years old); Distillerie Bielle (which also produces must-have pottery); and Distillerie Poisson, maker of Père Labat. On Basse-Terre, the Reimonenq Distillery and the Rum Museum, a producer of darker rums, doesn’t just show how it’s done and then serve samples, it also displays large collections of detailed model sailboats and insects, including butterflies.

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