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Bali Catamaran Yacht

Charter a catamaran yacht with the assistance of CKIM Group’s Yacht Charter Brokers. Many catamaran charters are available, now sailing in the Bahamas and Caribbean.

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What is a catamaran yacht?

A catamaran yacht has two hulls, which help prevent heeling and promote better stability on waters. This type of boat will pass through the seas featuring less heeling and more comfort for guests.

Furthermore, catamarans continue to innovate. From the yacht’s appearance to performance, guests will enjoy luxury vacations.

Power catamaran yacht

power catamaran yacht
Power Catamaran

A power catamaran has two hulls and no sails. In addition to its unique design, the power cat has spacious relaxation areas and cabins. Some of these yacht sleeps up to 8 guests in ensuite rooms.

Sailing catamaran yacht

sailing catamaran yacht
Sailing Catamaran

A sailing catamaran uses engines and sails for power. These boats feature spacious decks; some have a flybridge and large staterooms for the guests. Some sailing catamarans are larger than power cats, and sleep from 4 up to 20 guests per charter.

Catamaran Vacation in the Caribbean

The US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands (BVI), The Grenadines, and St Maarten are a few of the popular destinations. You can explore must-see spots on a catamaran yacht and discover more about the islands.

Introduction to a few Luxury Catamaran Yacht

Bali Catamaran

The Catana Group from France launched different sizes of Bali Catamarans in 2014. They build over 300 boats a year for sailing.

Bali catamaran created unique boat designs, from the living space layout to the cockpit and cabins. Its key assets, among the other yachts, are better panoramas with its large windows and lounge areas.

Fountaine Pajot Catamaran

In 1976, a French maritime construction company built catamarans for cruising and leisure. The Fountaine Pajot Group then conquered the cruising industry with innovative sailing catamarans.

You can expect more comfort and space aboard a Fountaine Pajot catamaran. Additionally, it includes large decks, cabins, a flybridge, and more for luxurious sailing.

Horizon Power Catamaran

Horizon Power Catamaran focuses on design and performance. With over 30 years of boat building experience, more than 50 catamarans are now sailing.

Embark on an exceptional yachting experience. A Horizon Catamaran ensures a stable ride with touches of luxury onboard.

Lagoon Catamaran

Lagoon 55 is the first-born Lagoon Catamaran. It provides the best comfort compared to traditional monohulls with its modern design. Then, new catamaran yachts arise, considering the main salon and room expansion.

Leopard Catamaran

Leopard yachts are either bareboat or crewed. Known for spacious interiors, robust build quality, and performance-driven designs.

Now chartering in the British Virgin Islands, available in power catamaran and sailing catamaran.

Matrix Catamaran

A family-owned company in South Africa built Matrix catamaran yachts for charter. Peter and Fiona Wehrley once chartered yachts in the Caribbean until they decided to create a catamaran.

These are high-end catamarans with spacious interiors and deck space for a comfortable sailing experience. The catamaran also features amenities, such as several cabins, a jacuzzi, and a flybridge for pure relaxation.

Sunreef Catamaran

Sunreef catamarans are comfortable, elegant, and fast, making them ideal for both private ownership and chartering. Their size varies from 40 feet to massive yachts. Some popular models are Sunreef 80, Sunreef 60, and Sunreef 50.

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How much does renting a catamaran cost?

The price range is $25,000 to $150,000 and beyond, depending on the number of guests. Other factors affecting the price include charter duration, amenities, and additional expenses.

Can Catamaran Yachts be bareboat chartered?

Many bareboat charters now offer larger catamarans more than monohulls in destinations like the Mediterranean. However, crewed catamarans offer exceptional service and comfort onboard.

Do catamaran yachts have sails or not?

Catamaran yachts are with or without sails. A sailing catamaran is the best example of a yacht operating with sails.

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