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Catamaran Charter Best Crew at VIPCA

C’EST LA VIE catamaran charter won best crew in show at VIPCA. The (Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association) held its annual Yacht Charter Show in St Thomas. They awarded the power catamaran charter C’EST LA VIE with the best crew in the show.

CKIM Group Inc., recommends C’EST LA VIE. For guests looking for an exceptional charter in the Virgin Islands. Please read below for more information on this unique catamaran charter. They are available for yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands.

Enjoying fine cocktails aboard C'EST LA VIE
Enjoying fine cocktails aboard C’EST LA VIE

C’est La Vie was designed to create unforgettable vacation experiences exploring a range of activities and relaxation. Mixed with high-end luxury and unrivaled adventure, all amidst a tropical backdrop.

A well-appointed 2022 Lagoon Sixty7. C’est La Vie offers bespoke luxury in 2 spacious Queen cabins and a massive master cabin.

Each with en-suite washrooms and plenty of living space. Topside, you will find multiple sun beds, loungers, and wet bars.

More on C’EST LA VIE‘s Crew

Her crew of 3 leaves no need unmet, offering decades of combined professional experience to create a seamless, customized, and highly interactive encounter. No finer culinary experience can be found ashore or afloat, as chef Sofia provides a rich understanding of all things epicurean while undertaking the constant search for the finest and freshest ingredients.

Captain Robbie will keep you at ease with his unassuming, patient approach and dry wit. He is an avid waterman, excelling in scuba and fishing and engaging a keen interest in Nautical lore. First mate Dean knows all of the best snorkels and hikes, and at the end of a long day (or morning hike), will shake up a cocktail that would make Hemingway swoon.

C’est La Vie’s offerings are second to none, including electric foiling surfboards, sea bobs, scuba compressors and gear, floating docks, and a massive tender to get you to the finest beaches. Interested in becoming dive certified?

Captain Robbie is a PADI dive instructor and can indulge guests of all abilities in exploring the underwater world. Sit in the lap of luxury via a professionally designed and decorated interior. In addition to outdoor activities, the yacht boasts a powerful hi-fi system, games, and movies.

Meet the (Award Winning) Crew

Captain ‘Robbie’ Sargent | Catamaran Charter Best Crew VIPCA

Catamaran Charter Best Crew holding their VIPCA Award
Award Winning Crew of C’EST LA VIE

Originally from Zimbabwe, Robbie was brought up on a farm with love for the outdoors, sports,s and a keen sense for adventure. His hobbies also include golf and darts, but his favorite from a young age was and always has been fishing, whether freshwater or deep sea.

After school, he moved to South Africa to play professional rugby, but it was not long before he decided on it being an unlikely permanent career choice. He turned towards scuba diving instead, despite the cold waters of Cape Town, and worked his way up to becoming an instructor.

After a few years of this, Robbie grew keen to search for warmer water to dive in and accepted a job in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The travel bug set in, Captain’s ticket in hand, and many nautical miles later, there is nothing that Robbie loves more than finding new places to have fun in, both above and under the water.

Chef Sofia Ribeiro

Born and raised in the landlocked country of Zimbabwe, Sofia’s love for water originated while growing up as a national swimmer and water polo player. Working throughout studying in restaurants and catering allowed her to build up experience in hospitality, develop professionalism within the service industry, and, most of all, appreciate different cuisines.

Catamaran Charter Best Crew VIPCA Hors d'Oeuvres
Hors d’Oeuvres aboard C’EST LA VIE

After graduating from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, with a Social Science degree, Sofia realized she wasn’t motivated toward a formal office setting. She sought a career where she could combine her love of travel with learning new skills.

Discovering the world of yachting, she has since worked in the Mediterranean, Australia, Indonesia, Florida, and the Caribbean. Exploring new places and gaining a passion for cooking along the way has been a dream realized.

Robbie and Sofie met in Singapore. Soon found common ground of similar roots. And now they have been working together in the industry for the last five years. Their combined passion for food, travel, and the ocean has brought them together to love what they do.

They have been lucky to know some extraordinary, remote locations worldwide. However, they also appreciate sharing time with family and friends in their home country, Zimbabwe.

As a team, they love being able to entertain, share stories and meet new people to learn theirs. Robbie and Sofie are keen on keeping charters light-hearted while prioritizing going above and beyond. This assures their guests always have the adventure to remember.

Crew member Dean Comberbach | Catamaran Charter Best Crew VIPCA

Completing the trio, Dean, too, is from Zimbabwe, and like most ‘Zimbos,’ he has a passion for the outdoors. He thoroughly enjoyed sports throughout school, which afforded him a position at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Allowing for his tertiary education studying Sports Science. Dean soon got the bug for traveling and particularly wanted to pursue his passion for sport fishing.

He then joined a traveling sport fishing boat in 2013 and hasn’t stopped moving. Shortly after, Dean got his Captain’s License and started driving boats in remote areas. He has had the pleasure of fishing competitively and recreationally in all oceans with some of the best crews in the world and gained a massive appreciation for the ocean and all things Maritime.

Most of all, Dean is dedicated to providing the best service and experience that can be had on the water. Learning from others and imparting the knowledge that he has gained.

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$59,000 - $70,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 67.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2022
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

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