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Caribbean Scuba Diving St Vincent Grenadines

Interested in Caribbean scuba diving? Then take a Caribbean Scuba Diving St Vincent Grenadines sailing and diving vacation.

Then you need to check out St Vincent and the Grenadines!

As the critter capital of the Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) offers unique encounters with marine creatures of all kinds. From the resort course graduate to an experienced diver, you can take the plunge in SVG and scuba dive into the famous “Bat Cave,” try wreck diving or photograph a fantastic variety of marine creatures. In SVG, most dive sites are just s short ride away from the dive shops, whether on the main island of St Vincent or from dive centers at Bequia, Mustique, and Union Island.

Major St Vincent & the Grenadines Dive Sites:

The Bat Cave

Witness spectacular marine life – Dive through a tropical rainforest seascape where birdwing parrotfish, blue tang, hawksbill turtles, humphead wrasse, and barracuda share the coral garden. Explore a maze of caves – Relax as we guide you through this maze from beginning to end, crisscrossing submerged tunnels before exiting on the opposite side where a narrow fissure emerges from inside the reef. Experience wild beauty – Sail away from shore on a catamaran or simply soak up stunning views from the beach – both ways, windsurfing and kite surfing enthusiasts will enjoy this pristine beach break.

Anchor Reef

Deep Dark Coral Garden! Hidden at 35 feet on the edge of a wall, Anchor Reef is a deep black coral garden known for its abundance of colorful sponges. You’ll also find black bar soldierfish congregating here – let us show you where! Robust Eel Population. This site has a diverse eel population with slipper lobsters, octopuses, squid, seahorses, and other cool critters. Come and check them out!

The Forest | Caribbean Scuba Diving St Vincent Grenadines

Plant life – Giant soft corals make this an excellent shallow second dive. Surfing – Waves breaking overhead is an exciting sight to see as they crash on nearby rocks. Marine life – Alongside sea plumes, sea whips, sea fans, and gorgonians, there are urchins, sponges, starfish, and crabs too!

Amazing wreck diving!

Explore the Underwater World – Dive is one of over 30 wrecks Grenada offers. Some of these shipwrecks were sunk intentionally (and often quite artistically) for divers to explore. Others were sunk as a result of hurricanes, storms, or collisions. Enjoy a Close Encounter! Grenada’s wrecks are some of the best in the Caribbean because they are relatively untouched for now. Pristine Waters and Booming Marine Life. Surrounding these shipwrecks is abundant marine life, which varies depending on what each wreck offers. You can see why Caribbean Scuba Diving St Vincent Grenadines is a must-do for divers!

Coral Castle

Dramatic underwater structure – Coral Castle offers a dramatic underwater structure filled with small tropical fish. Explore this uncharted territory from shore – no scuba diving required! Perfect for all levels – Whether you’re a beginner or advanced diver, Coral Castle is an unforgettable dive experience for all levels of divers! Incredible visibility – With 125ft visibility at its deepest point, Coral Castle is one of Grenada’s most accessible dives.

The Steps | Caribbean Scuba Diving St Vincent Grenadines

Spectacular Dive Site – Located below the cliffs of Fort Charlotte near some steps entering the sea. Diverse Marine Life – Red-lipped batfish are among the animals found here; yellow-headed jaw fish have built their burrows here, and flamingo tongues seem to be on every gorgonian in the area.

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