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Catamaran MIMBAW - BVI

Go deep sea scuba diving thanks to Hydro Bob. The New Award-Winning Hydro Bob Underwater Diving Device is now available on Luxury Catamaran “Mimbaw” located right here in the Caribbean!

Hydro Bob is the worlds leading original underwater diving scooter. It enables you to cruise effortlessly underwater without the need for cumbersome dive equipment.

Simply submerge underwater, put your head into the air bubble and swing your leg over the seat. The standard scuba tank delivers continuous fresh air into the bubble for over an hour.

The HydroBOB’s depth is controlled by inflating or deflating the HydroBOB’s internal air balder (similar to scuba diving).

HyrdoBob is self-propelling
Hydro Bob underwater diving is said to be easier than riding a bike. It is propelled forward by a 12-volt thruster unit that delivers a maximum speed of 2 knots. Perfect for cruising around the reefs. To propel Hydro Bob all you do is squeeze the trigger on the handlebars. To stop just release the trigger. Turn the handlebars and the BOB™ will turn with you.

HyrdoBob is self-balancing
The buoyancy of the large bubble at the top married with the heavy battery power source and lead weights at the base of the BOB™ provide a very stable platform that keeps the BOB™ upright and your head dry.
And, your BOB™ remains at a fixed depth throughout the adventure.

HydroBob is Self-regulating
The constant flow regulator system of the BOB™ means that fresh air is continuously fed into the bubble. This means you don’t have to breathe through a regulator.

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