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Are you ready for scuba diving BVI? On these green isles, known for their mountainous landscapes, scalloped beaches, and protected anchorages, you’re never far from a great dive site. Tourists and divers can find lush coral gardens on the sloping reefs that surround the islands. There are also seamounts rising from the seafloor and an underwater armada of wrecks rounds out the offerings.

Scuba Diving in the BVI
Scuba Diving in the BVI

Best Scuba Diving Sites in the BVI

A majority of established dive sites are across the Sir Francis Drake Channel. They’re around the largely un-populated islands of Peter, Norman, Cooper, Salt, Ginger, and Dead Chest.

Just off Virgin Gorda, divers have easy access to sites surrounding the nearby Dog Islands. It’s marked by intriguing formations, including arches and canyons. Virgin Gorda is also home to the Baths, a scattering of colossal granite boulders that form quiet grottoes and pools. Snorkel and swim with a colorful array of reef fish on the ocean side of the rocks.

Scuba diving BVI requires heading to Salt Island. It’s where the bow of the RMS Rhone lies on its starboard side in 75 feet of water. It also offers entrance into its cavernous interior. The shallower stern section features the 70-foot propeller shaft and a rich assortment of marine life, including schooling grunts and snappers, barracuda, morays, octopuses, and lobsters.

One of the best seamounts is Blonde Rock, which rises in two pinnacles from 60 feet to within 15 feet of the surface between Salt and Dead Chest islands. The rock itself is heavily honeycombed, with ledges and overhangs sheltering black bar soldierfish, glasseye snappers, and, fairy basslets.

Best Way to Access Dive Sites

Large schools of fish and big pelagics seem to prefer the wreck of the Chukuzen, north of Tortola. Because this site is remote and subject to unfavorable ocean conditions, most dive operators are unwilling to take you there. In fact, this may be a limitation with many of the best dive spots in the BVI. However, with a private yacht charter, like 105ft Catamaran “Cuan Law”, accessing remote and spectacular dive sites is a breeze. Learn More About “Cuan Law” and check out their super cool scuba diving BVI video:

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