“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Free Ingwe - Catamaran new years yacht charter

If you’re looking for luxury, adventure, and relaxation in a Caribbean vacation, choose a British Virgin Islands catamaran charter. Aboard the Catamaran FREE INGWE, a family-friendly yacht charter.

You might explore the stunning landscapes in the comfort of a private catamaran. Read the Free Ingwe Charter Reviews.

The BVI, with its iconic locations like Virgin Gorda, Road Town, and Cooper Island, is a playground for those who love the sea.

Catamaran FREE INGWE

Free Ingwe is Robertson and Caine Leopard 45 built in South Africa. It has been in charter for many years in the Caribbean. The charter has a wealth of experience, and its crew knows the best spots in the Virgin Islands to take you and your family.

British Virgin Islands catamaran charter FREE INGWE has made a family-friendly special you will want to check out! So, trade away the blues for the blues of the Caribbean. Make memories alongside your family that you won’t soon forget. Bookend your days with incredible sunsets and the sounds of the ocean lapping your yacht!

Inclusive Rates

  • Two guests at $14,500/week
  • Three guests at $15,250/week
  • Four guests at $16,000/week
  • Five guests at $16,750/week
  • Six guests at $17,500/week

Each cabin is fully air conditioned with shower and a spacious cockpit. It has comfortable seating and a dining area, perfect for enjoying delicious meals and soaking up the panoramic views. Additionally, relax on the large forward trampolines and feel the ocean breeze as the catamaran sails across waters.

Accommodations | Catamaran Free Ingwe

The yacht sleeps up to six guests in three double en-suite cabins with two crew. Your captain is a Dive Master. Therefore, the charter fee includes one free dive per certified diver and $25.00 for each additional dive.

Note that diving isn’t available on your charter vacation’s first and last day. Discover Scuba is mainly for the non-diver who wishes to experience scuba diving.

Water sports

  • Stand-up paddle boards
  • snorkel gear
  • wakeboards
  • tubes
  • floating mats
  • fishing gear
  • water skis
  • kayaks

Places to Visit on a British Virgin Islands Catamaran

Imagine waking up to the crystal-clear waters of the BVI. It boasts numerous stunning islands and cays, each with its own unique charm and attractions.

Here are some BVI sailing destinations the Free Ingwe can take you to:

  • The Baths, Virgin Goda

A series of giant granite boulders forming picturesque grottoes and pools, perfect for exploring and swimming.

  • Norman Island, The Indians

This world-famous snorkeling spot features underwater rock formations you can explore. Enjoy the vibrant coral reefs teeming with various fishes.

  • White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Sunbath in a pristine white sand beach with calm waters and enjoy lively beach bars at night. Visit the fun beach bar, Foxy’s, and take delight in their amazing foods and drinks.

  • Sandy Cay

This small island is a popular stop for catamarans, offering pristine beaches and calm waters. Ideal for relaxing and enjoying the serene vibe of the BVI.

  • Road Town, Tortola

And then there’s Road Town, the capital of the British Virgin Islands, where you can immerse yourself in local culture and shop for souvenirs.

  • Anegada

Sail through the unique island in the BVI, offering a distinct landscape compared to the volcanic islands. Experience the world-class bone fishing and lobster diving in the island.

  • Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands

It offers a serene escape with white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling or diving. Unwind and don’t miss out on the beach bars that dot the coastline, offering refreshing drinks and a taste of the local.

Lastly, you can also try the famous Soggy Dollar Bar, which serves local dishes and well-crafted drinks.

Top-notch BVI Catamaran Charter

A catamaran charter Free Ingwe in the BVI isn’t just a vacation; but blends luxury and adventure. These yachts are like floating villas, equipped with all the necessary comforts. Fountaine Pajot and other world-class brands provide exquisite catamarans that redefine elegance on the water.

This particular yacht builder is at the forefront of crafting these exceptional catamarans. They use cutting-edge technology for both elegance and comfort. Every corner of these catamarans will enhance your charter adventure. It has spacious cabins and lounges to state-of-the-art amenities.

BVI Catamaran Yacht Club

For those who are already experienced sailors, the BVI offers a haven for exploration. You can join yacht clubs and connect with fellow sailors, sharing stories and tips. But even if you’re new to sailing, catamarans in the British Virgin Islands can provide a smooth and comfortable ride, accessible for all.

Catamaran rental in the BVI offers a world of possibilities. You can cruise around Peter Island’s untouched beauty, anchor at secluded spots, and embrace the tranquility of the sea. Virgin Islands catamaran charters cater to your desires, whether you seek adventure or relaxation.

If you’re considering a catamaran charter in the BVI, remember that experienced sailors and newcomers alike can revel in this Caribbean paradise’s unparalleled beauty and charm. So, prepare to rent a catamaran, set sail, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Catamaran Charter FREE INGWE?

Chartering the Free Ingwe will build lasting memories with your family. Share experiences, from exploring hidden coves to spotting colorful fish. This sailing adventure fosters deeper connections that your children will remember for years to come.

Safety First: The captain and crew prioritize safety above all else. This catamaran gives parents peace of mind while allowing children to have without worry. Life vests and safety equipment are readily available, and the crew conducts training and yacht checkups before setting sail.

Discover the marine life: The BVI offers a unique opportunity for families to learn about marine life while sailing together. Your onboard educators will share fascinating facts about the local ecosystem, the history of the BVI, and about sailing. Guests can ask questions along the learning experience.

Sit down and relax: The Free Ingwe also provides enough space for families to relax. So, spend quality time lounging on the expansive deck, play board games in the cockpit, or enjoy movie nights under the stars. Grab this opportunity to reconnect with each other away from the reality for a while.

Create lifetime memories: The Free Ingwe caters to families by offering various amenities and services. Children will love pool floats and water toys, while beach towels and snorkeling gear are readily available for everyone. The chef can also personalize meals to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Remember, the Catamaran Free Ingwe offers a family-friendly special. Contact BVI Sail today to learn more about this exclusive trip in the heart of the Caribbean paradise.

Beyond Sailing Aboard Catamaran Charter FREE INGWE

The Free Ingwe also allows you to explore the wonders of the BVI. You can arrange a visit to historical sites, local markets, or national parks. No worries, the crew can help arrange these adventures to your interests.

The “all-inclusive” package takes the pressure off, removing the hassle of grocery shopping, meal planning, or restaurant reservations. Note that delicious meals catering to your dietary preferences and allergies are available.

The Free Ingwe crew also embraces sustainable practices. Waste and water management and educating guests on how to preserve the BVIs natural beauty.

Free Ingwe Crew
Captain/Chef Alan Roberts & Randeen Cayer

Crew Profiles | Catamaran Free Ingwe

Captain/Chef Alan Roberts and Randeen Cayer

Alan’s passion for the water began during sailing trips with his family when he was young. He later spent over two decades molding his culinary skills in Canada’s prestigious restaurants and bars, even venturing into club management.

Seeking a change, Alan traded the city’s hustle for the Caribbean’s tranquility. Now, with over 15 years of experience chartering the Virgin Islands, he uses his expertise to create a memorable vacation for his guests.
Randeen is the chef and tour guide on a cruise ship. She previously worked in corporate event panning and customer service. She enjoys her job and likes to explore the islands with the guests.

Experience the BVI With Catamaran FREE INGWE

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly adventure or a romantic escape, this maintained vessel and its dedicated crew cater to your every need. The Free Ingwe catamaran charter experience in the BVI is like no other.

Contact BVI Sail today and start planning your one of a kind sailing adventure aboard the Free Ingwe.

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