“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Bomba Shack, Apple Bay, Tortola BVI

Bomba Shack Tortola BVI is a long-time surfing spot during the winter months in the Caribbean. During the high season for sailing here, the waves also put on a show! The British Virgin Islands is the center for yacht chartering in the Caribbean. One of those reasons is because of places like Bomba Shack, which makes the list of the “7 must-do parties in the Caribbean” by Mark Stevens.

Bomba’s Shack is known around the world as a surfing hot spot during the winter months. It is also famous for the Full Moon parties held there every full moon. The music is great, the sound of the surf is right there, the drinks are cool, Rocks.

The shack which has been damaged many times by hurricanes and high surf continues to survive in nearly the same form over the years. Bomba who started it during the 80s is renowned for his personality. The decor is very interesting with many female patrons leaving some of their possessions on its rafters.

The next time you are visiting Tortola make sure to stop and enjoy a drink, the view of the beach and surf, and the atmosphere at Bomba’s Beach Shack.

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