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Delicious yacht food - catamaran power boat PHILOTIMO

Set sail on the Powercat PHILOTIMO, where chartering isn’t just about the luxurious experience but also about delicious yacht food! Prepare to feast like royalty as a talented professional chef prepares mouthwatering seafood dishes.

Furthermore, PHILOTIMO’s fine dining menu fulfills seafood lovers’ dreams with succulent lobster, fresh oysters, grilled shrimp, and delectable fish creations.

So, come aboard! Let your taste buds embark on a fantastic culinary adventure.

What is Power Catamaran PHILOTIMO?

Step onboard this powerful vessel. A stunning Lagoon 63 power catamaran. Get ready to be swept away by its luxurious design.

The power cat PHILOTIMO also boasts many social areas to entertain small or large groups of friends. In addition, this boat offers superior cruising performance for a smooth yacht charter, even on choppy waters.

Overall, guests can get all the comfort they need when they step on deck.

Length: 63 feet
Builder: Lagoon
Year Built: 2018
Crew: 2
Cabins: 3
Guests: 6
Bed: Queen
Power catamaran PHILOTIMO specs

Meet the Crew

Captain Gavin

His passion for the ocean began at the early age of five years old. He then acquired the necessary credentials to become a certified sailing instructor. So, Gavin has been a charter captain in the British Virgin Islands for eight years. Thus, making him one of the most knowledgeable skippers on these waters.

When he’s not steering PHILOTIMO, he indulges in his greatest passion: free diving. Also, he enjoys surfing, fishing, and various water sports. And as proof of his competence and expertise, he holds certifications such as:

  • RYA/MCA Yacht Master Ocean Qualification
  • a BVI Boatmaster
  • a SAMSA Yacht Master Commercial

Chef Marie

Originally from the Dominican Republic, this talented chef studied languages in Italy during her teenage years. While working as an interpreter and translator, she discovered her passion for cooking. So, Chef Marie spent time perfecting her skills in restaurants.

In 2010, she pursued a career as a yacht chef in the US and British Virgin Islands.

Now, Marie is a professional Chef. She also graduated with Merit from the renowned Ashburton Chefs Academy in Devon, England. This brought her superstar talent to the galley of Power Catamaran PHILOTIMO.

She specializes in Italian, European, North American, and Spanish Caribbean cuisine and crafts flavorful dishes with a unique presentation.

In addition, she constantly researches new dishes that will satisfy her guests’ taste buds.

Beyond her remarkable culinary skills, Marie has a keen eye for detail and a genuine dedication to providing exceptional client service.

Hear it from PHILOTIMO Guests.

You guys are just tremendous, the yacht is fantastic, and the gourmet food was incredible too! What an amazing week we won’t soon forget!

Thank you very much for such an amazing charter! The experiences on the water and the amazing meals were unforgettable! We loved seeing turtles, swimming in the ocean, riding the tube and kneeboard, and dancing to the steel drum on our final night. This was a first-class experience for each of us.

This trip was definitely one of my favorites! From the food to the fun – I will never forget it!

Most Requested Food Yacht on Power Cat PHILOTIMO

Take luxury yacht chartering to a new level. Thus, indulge in the most requested yacht food that brings culinary delight. With a private chef onboard, your taste buds will be tantalized like never before. Even if you have specific dietary requirements, this yacht covers you.

$32,000 - $38,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 63.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2018
Mahi Mahi Recipe - most request yacht food on PHILOTIMO
Mahi Mahi recipe

Recipe By Chef Marie
Course: Main Dish Cusine:Caribbean Difficulty:Easy


1 minutes

Preparing Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time

30 minutes


N/A kcal


  1. 1 Lick

  2. 1 fennel bulb 

  3. 1/4 cup of white wine

  4. 1/4 cup of Butter

  5. 1/4 cup of heavy cream

  6. 1 cup of Chicken stock 

  7. Salt on preference 


  1. Toast leeks and onions in butter till caramelized. Add wine and chicken stock, add salt if needed.

  2. Let simmer till all soft and reduced<br>Blend all, put back in the pan, and add some heavy cream.

  3. Grill or pan-fry your mahi mahi seasoned with garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper to your pleasure, and serve with the sauce and cabbage salad.

  4. Grill or pan-fry your mahi mahi seasoned with garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper to your pleasure, and serve with the sauce and cabbage salad.


    Arugula for garnish<br>1 medium cabbage<br>1 carrot<br>1 big red onion<br>1 tbsp of salt<br>1 tsp of black pepper<br>1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar<br>1/2 cup of olive oil<br>2 lime juice

  6. Mix them all up

    – Shred the cabbage and the carrot, and put it on a side<br>- Slice the red onion, add salt, pepper, lime juice, and olive oil, leave macerate for at least two hours, add to the cabbage and carrot,<br>- Make a bed of the salad and serve the fish on top, garnish with arugula, add the sauce as a presentation, and serve the extra in a separate safe container. <br>- Serve with fresh bread.


    Crewed Catamaran Cuisine

    When embarking on a crewed catamaran charter in the Caribbean, one of the highlights is undoubtedly the exquisite cuisine that awaits you on board. The culinary experience is carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and enhance your overall vacation. From fresh seafood caught right from the pristine Caribbean waters to locally sourced ingredients, the cuisine on board reflects the region’s vibrant flavors and cultural diversity.

    Each day, you can expect a delectable array of dishes the talented onboard chef prepares. They skillfully combine international influences with local Caribbean flair to create mouthwatering meals that cater to all preferences and dietary requirements. Imagine savoring succulent grilled lobster, flavorful jerk chicken, or a refreshing tropical fruit platter for breakfast. Whether you prefer savory, spicy, or sweet, the diverse range of dishes ensures there’s something to satisfy every palate.

    Furthermore, the dining experience on a crewed catamaran charter goes beyond the delicious food itself. The onboard crew presents each meal with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a visually stunning presentation. Picture dining on a spacious deck overlooking breathtaking Caribbean vistas or enjoying an intimate candlelit dinner under a starlit sky. The ambiance and setting only serve to enhance the already exceptional dining experience, making it truly unforgettable.

    In summary, the cuisine on board a crewed catamaran charter in the British Virgin Islands is a gastronomic journey showcasing the best Caribbean flavors. From the freshest ingredients to expertly crafted dishes, each meal celebrates culinary artistry. Combined with stunning surroundings and impeccable service, the dining experience adds an extra layer of luxury and indulgence to your unforgettable vacation in the Caribbean.

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    Among the many incredible yachts in BVI SAIL’s portfolio, the power catamaran PHILOTIMO stands out as a guest favorite. Beyond its privacy, luxury, and comfort, what truly sets it apart is the gustatory experience comparable to a Michelin-star restaurant.

    All the yacht food and drinks are crafted by the exceptional and professional chef onboard. Every meal is a culinary masterpiece, from delectable seafood (lobster, mahi mahi, etc.) delicacies to tantalizing international cuisines. You can even make a request if you’re craving something new.

    Whenever you’re seeking the ultimate luxury yacht charter experience, look no further than the BVI SAIL yacht charter broker team. Embark on a journey where indulgence, relaxation, and culinary delight converge.

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