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Little Camanoe British Virgin Islands is a very small island just to the north of Beef Island with Great Camanoe to its East. Little Camanoe is relatively flat and uninhabited. You can enjoy views of Tortola to the east and Guana Island to the northeast. Beef Island is to the west. In other words, you will have wonderful views from here regardless of which direction you look. Since the islands are only accessible by boat, the area is ideal for passionate boating and sailing aficionados.

On your British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters, take the dinghy and explore what this little island has to offer. You may find this low-traffic area appealing if you are a beginner or intermediate diver. Even snorkeling can be rewarding.

This small island provides habitat for the crested anole and the big-scaled least gecko. As well as the common Puerto Rican ameiva. A lizard found in coastal areas of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In addition to Isla Culebra. It is commonly believed that the two islands, Great and Little Camanoe have been named after the caimans. Caimans, or spelled caymans, are related to alligators that were once found on the Camanoe’s.

Marina Cay, Scrub Island, the “Last Resort” and Great Camanoe Island are close by.

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