“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Beach on Mustique Island in St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Your St Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing Itinerary has it all. Whether it is deep-sea diving, snorkeling, or on-land sightseeing that interests you most, we will build a sailing itinerary that best suits your interests and desires.

This St Vincent and the Grenadines sailing itinerary is just a sample of what your 7-night yacht charter vacation may look like. From the island of Mustique to Salt Whistle Bay, Tobago Cays, and Bequia, your St Vincent and the Grenadines sailing itinerary has it all!

Day 1 – Mustique

Depart St. Vincent for Mustique, the playground of the elite. This glamorous retreat frequented by royalty and rock stars alike is one of the most exclusive islands in the world.

A 1,400-acre island lined by green valleys, Mustique is surrounded by coral, sandy beaches, and coves. Enjoy a private land tour, where the exclusive homes of the rich and famous command the landscape and are realized in various architectural styles.

The Treasure Boutiques on Mustique are housed in the most charming buildings and are a pleasure to spend time in. Allow your chef to prepare a picnic lunch for you to take to Lagoon Bay or Macaroni Bay. Both these beaches are breathtaking, Macaroni being slightly wider with deep soft sand.

Take a horseback riding trip at Mustique Equestrian Center for a ride along the island’s many trails. Afterward, mingle with island dwellers at the atmospheric Basil’s Beach Bar. This island’s hot spot at Britannia Bay (Mustique’s main harbor) is built on stilts over the water.

Day 2 – Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau

Spend the morning in the surf at Mustique’s Macaroni Bay, then sail off for Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau. Salt Whistle Bay incorporates the entire northern tip of Mayreau, thus offering you the choice of two beaches: the leeward and the windward – the latter being considered world-class by windsurfers and kiteboarders. The leeward beach is a great spot to pull up a cooler full of refreshments and a picnic basket.

Watch the afternoon pass slowly by as you recline under the shade of a coconut tree and if you need something from the boat, just swim out. At the south end of the beach near the dock, island residents have set up a number of thatched huts from which they sell T-shirts, shells, various kinds of local jewelry, and art. Enjoy barbecue fair and cooked lobster from “yellow man,” an infamous beachside vendor.

For good surf, head to the island’s windward side, which is easily within reach and worth exploring. In addition, follow this beach onto Saline Bay. The views of the surrounding islands and reef formations make for a great outing, an experience enjoyed by only a few visitors.

Enjoy a happy hour or dinner at the Salt Whistle Bay Resort, a unique and charming restaurant with an authentic Caribbean flare.

Day 3 – Petit St. Vincent

Today you stop at Mopion & Pinese on your way to Petit St. Vincent. These low-lying coral pink sand islands are the perfect desert islands. Mopion is particularly memorable. The shore of this tiny island shore is washed gently by foaming waves. And shallow water is shallow, exceptionally warm, and relaxing. Allow your chef to prepare a picnic lunch for you to take ashore.

A short thirty-minute sail from Mopion brings you to the secluded island hideaway of Petit St Vincent – a quiet, privately owned, exclusive resort island. The beaches are lovely and provide a charming early evening stroll along the warm sweeping sand.

We recommend visiting the island’s cocktail bar and restaurant, housed in a lovely stone building with a relaxing courtyard area overlooking the bay. Here you’ll be visited by magical fireflies and parrots. Evenings here have a lovely gentle atmosphere.

Day 4 & 5– Tobago Cays

A National Marine Park not to be missed. The Tobago Cays are the area’s highlight and call for more than a fleeting visit, so we spend two days here. The Tobago Cays are five perfect uninhabited islands that lie within the protection of an encircling coral reef, Horseshoe Reef.

In this perfect location, completely looked after by your captain and chef, you are free to enjoy the underwater world, windsurf, or explore the islands. Each island invites exploration by dinge, kayak, or a hike to the summit.

Snorkeling is first-rate and deserves several trips. Water depth is shallow enough to stand on the sand in many places. Perfect coral sand scattered with coral heads teeming with fish, and you will quickly wonder where the time has gone. For the more adventurous, you can take a dinge through the narrow reef channel, where Horseshoe Reef drops off into the inky blue of deeper water. Here the atmosphere is different and the fish too – yes, you might see a shark.

Take a break from the water, and explore these deserted islands on land. Look for Geckos and spot shy land crabs among the trees. The dive boats depart in the afternoon, leaving you to enjoy shelling on the beaches in perfect solitude.

Day 6 – Canouan | A must-see Grenadines Sailing Itinerary

Sail to the hilly island of Canouan and pick up a mooring off Tamarind Bay at the island’s northern end. Protected by an extensive reef, many consider the beaches on the eastern side of the island to be the best in The Grenadines. On Canouan Island, one can return to relaxing pleasures. Play a round of golf at Trump International Golf Club (designed by Jim Fazio) at the Canouan Resort. Or pamper yourself at Raffles’ Amrita Spa. Feeling lucky? Try your skills at the Villa Monte Carlo Casino.

Day 7 – Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Head for the lush, green isle of Bequia and anchor in picturesque Admiralty Bay. Bequia is an old favorite in the yachting community and has something for everyone. In Admiralty Bay, you can spend time ashore exploring the shops, bars, and many good restaurants along the waterfront.

You’ll love the model boats hand-made by local craftsmen. On Bequia, one can also take a hike further inland, where exploring the winding roads can be a revelation. Smaller trails and disused roads take you deep into the heart of the island. Finish your day with drinks at the Frangipani Hotel and return to the yacht for dinner.

Day 8 – St. Vincent | Finale of Grenadines Sailing Itinerary

Spend the morning on one of Bequia’s golden beaches or dive into the Devil’s Table, loaded with fish and coral. Enjoy a delicious breakfast onboard then; it’s a short sail to your final destination St. Vincent.

Beautiful St. Vincent has remained untouched by mass tourism. On this 18 by 11-mile island, the hotels, restaurants, and bars retain the charm of a family setting. You may want to let us help you plan a tour of this picturesque island before your departure. Rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle and head north to the Bamboo Forest. Do the two-hour climb to the summit of La Soufrière or hike to Trinity Falls, a group of three cascades. Then, say goodbye to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and vow to return again soon!

Whether it is deep-sea diving, snorkeling, or on-land sightseeing that interests you most, you will have a customized St Vincent and the Grenadines sailing itinerary. This is just a sample of what your yacht charter adventure in St Vincent and the Grenadines may look like. However, the weather and your preferences will determine the itinerary. “As the wind blows, so shall the sail.”

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