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Canouan - The Grenadines
Canouan – The Grenadines

Canouan is a small island belonging to St Vincent and the Grenadines. It measures barely 5 square miles and is located 25 miles south of St Vincent. Charlestown is the main town. Mount Royal, the highest point on the island, offers a gorgeous panoramic view. Canouan is a hidden gem of natural splendour. Since it is surrounded by one of the world’s largest coral reefs, it is a fantastic destination for snorkelling and diving. The small airport accommodates large private jets, and a brand-new marina offers 120 slips (perfect for yachts of up to 330 feet) right next to the airport. Canouan is an exclusive destination with plenty of VIP guests. While on your chartered yacht, you can be one of them. Three years ago, Canouan was declared by Bloomberg as the place where billionaires go to escape millionaires.

History of Canouan

Sometime before 200 B.C., the Arawaks reached Canouan in dug-out canoes. With them, basic farming and fishing skills arrived. The Carib Amerindians invaded the island about 1500 years later. The name Canouan is the Carib name for “Turtle.” In 1748 St Vincent and all the surrounding islands became neutral islands. But France and Britain continued to control the area until they were ceded to the British in 1814. St Vincent and the Grenadines is now an independent state within the British Commonwealth.

Luxurious 65 ft Catamaran Felicia will take you to Canouan and The Grenadines
Luxurious 65 ft Catamaran Felicia will take you to Canouan and The Grenadines.

Weather | Canouan The Grenadines

There is no wrong time to visit Canouan and the Grenadines. These islands’ close proximity to the equator guarantees steady year-round tropical temperatures. As a result, the average daytime temperatures range from 75 to 86 °F year-round. December to May is the driest season. From January through April, pleasant trade winds are frequent. The rainy season lasts from June to November. The coolest months, in general, are between November and February. It is located far enough south to avoid most passing hurricanes.

Places to See | Canouan The Grenadines

  • Grand Bay Beach and South Glossy Bay Beach – These are particularly lovely white-sand beaches. Due to the barrier reef surrounding the island, you will find perfectly calm swimming waters.
  • Mount Royal – The highest point on the island at 900 feet. An unspoiled panoramic 360-degree view of all of the Grenadines rewards your hiking efforts.

Things to Do

Jim Fazio designed Golf Course on Canouan
Jim Fazio designed Golf Course on Canouan.
  • Hike – Up to Mount Royal. The 900 feet high peak is the highest point of the island. You will see the rest of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Mustique from the summit. It’s lovely at sunrise or sunset. We recommend a guided hike to learn about the island’s flora and fauna. On the way there, you will see land turtles, fabulous hummingbirds, tree-climbing hermit crabs, and a variety of orchids.
  • Golf – Canouan has the only championship golf course in the Grenadines. This is an exhilarating and challenging 72-Par Jim Fazio-designed 18-hole championship golf course located on dramatic sloping hills at the ocean’s edge. Where else can you enjoy epic, breathtaking views while playing golf? Bring plenty of golf balls and your camera.

More Things to Do | Canouan The Grenadines

  • Swim and Snorkel – Grand Bay Beach near the main town of Charlestown. South Glossy Bay Beach. Both will delight you with magnificent white-sand beaches and calm waters to swim in. Windward Bay Beach is dotted with volcanic rocks. Excellent snorkelling thanks to a barrier reef that protects the Atlantic side of the island.
  • Dive – While your charter yacht is anchored at Canouan, have the crew supply you with the necessary equipment and take you to the Tobago Cays Marine Park. It is a scuba diver’s dream. A coral reef shelters this area. It is considered the best diving and snorkelling on this side of the Maldives. The uninhabited Tobago Cays are a spot to see the green sea turtles. They gather there in vast numbers just under the surface of the water.
  • Spa day – Treat yourself to the ultimate in pampering and relaxation at the Mandarin Oriental or Pink Sands Club at the Canouan Estates.
  • Canouan Regatta – May/June. A festival of boat races, street parades, and pageantry.
  • Canouan Carnival – July. Truly a fantastic event. If you like steel pan, soca and calypso music, you don’t want to miss the carnival. Soca Monarch competitions, beauty pageants, colourful costumes, painted bodies, pounding beats, and dancing feet. This will certainly be a memorable event.
  • Sailing adventure – Hop on a sailing catamaran BARAKA from Grenada to Carriacou for the best island experiences and you can even spend an overnight stay in one of the luxurious villas in the area.

Gastronomy Highlights

  • Shenanigans – Glossy Bay. Right on the beach at Sandy Lane Yacht Club. Caribbean, international, seafood. Romantic setting to have a cocktail and watch the sunset.
  • Tides Bar and Grill – At the Mandarin Oriental. International, seafood. Locally sourced fresh ingredients, fresh catches of the day. Ocean views and the terrace opens up to outside dining when weather permits.
  • Foxy Jack’s – Glossy Bay. Located at Sandy Lane Yacht Club. French, Caribbean, international. The elegant atmosphere for a formal dining experience.
  • Jasmine’s Sea Grapes – Located at the harbour, next to the pier. The Caribbean, seafood. Great rum punches and painkillers.
  • Shell Beach Bar and Grill – Shell Beach. At the Canouan Estate Resort. Caribbean cuisine. Directly located at the serene Shell Beach. Jerk chicken, roti, and fresh catch of the day.

Marinas and Anchorages | Canouan The Grenadines


Sandy Lane Yacht Club – A luxurious full-service marina on the southwestern side of Canouan with 120 berths. It can accommodate yachts from 32 to 328 feet with available depths up to 18 feet. The marina can provide for any sailing or motor yacht in its 36 superyacht berths. All berths are serviced with both European and US specification power. With all its amenities, it is an attraction in its own right.


Anchoring is banned on the east side of Canouan.

  • Charlestown Bay – The main anchorage on Canouan Island. Well protected from all directions except the northwest and west. Moorings are available.
  • Friendship Bay – On the south end of the island.

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