“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

We think Catamaran yacht charter Marolanga is a terrific sailing yacht to charter. Great food, lovely crew, and wonderful hospitality. But, don’t take our word for it. Just see what these recent guests had to say:

What an adventure! Great boat, great sailing, great snorkeling, great beaches! And then back to Marolanga for gourmet meals from Marcella’s kitchen. What’s not to love about the Caribbean, guided by Captain Gus and Miss Mermaid Marcella?

Absolutely great! Snorkeling the caves and finally winning one game of Cribbage against the almost “unbeatable” Captain Gus was definitely the highlight of this unforgettable vacation…….(Murtaugh’s and Hauser’s, CT, NY)

Thank you for the most wonderful family vacation we ever had! This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful corner of the world, and yes, to make it even more so with your wonderful cooking and unparalleled hospitality. Thank you for your fabulous snorkel expertise. We have never seen such beautiful fish and coral formations! We can’t wait to come back and will never forget this incredible week…..(Draper family, GA)

Thank you for a wonderful vacation! It was such a relaxing and enjoyable time.  The food was fantastic, the company too…and the water was so beautiful….

Thanks so much for a lovely vacation. The food, fun, and sailing all made for a great trip! Your boat is beautiful and relaxing and our conversations stimulating……We really enjoyed…..The entire trip was awesome. We have to come back and spend more time with you. Thank you for your hospitality, Marcella doesn’t forget to send us your recipes from all your great dishes!

(Scott’s and Brake’s, IL)

Where should I begin? I knew before we left Louisiana that this trip was going to be special but I was not prepared for how spectacular it was! To spend our honeymoon with our best friends and you two have made this experience extra special for us. The love that you two shared was just what we wanted to start our marriage off! The best part was getting to know you on your beautiful boat, sailing in the beautiful Virgins! Thank you for all the extras you did for us making our honeymoon extra special – see you on our anniversary!

(Jennifer and Eric B., LA)

After 5 years we return to find you both exactly the same. You don’t get any older! It must be the tropical air and the love you share. Celebrating our 25th, 30th and now our 35th anniversary with you has certainly been one of the highlights. You are such wonderful people and we are so glad to be again on Marolanga. I had a beautiful week of sailing, sunning, enjoying Marcella’s delicious food, and sharing laughter and stories… We will return in 5 years to celebrate with you on catamaran yacht charter Marolanga our 40th anniversary and hopefully our 50th anniversary too!!

(Judy and Terry S., ME)

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