“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Catamaran Castellina-II

Sailing vacations on Virgin Islands catamaran charter CASTELLINA II

Take advantage of this special while it lasts!

Dawn and Ben are ready to show you an amazing adventure along with some gourmet cuisine.

Virgin Islands Catamaran Charter CASTELLINA II

  • 44 ft Lagoon catamaran
  • Sleeps 6 guests in 3 Queen Cabins
  • The crew of 2 ready to serve you
  • Preferred charter starts from Red Hook, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands Catamaran Castellina II
Castellina II

A word from your Crew

Fun and safety are my two main priorities. From the moment you step aboard, to the time we say our goodbyes; you will always see me doing everything in my power to ensure that both are actively met at their highest potential. Looking forward to sailing together!” – Captain Dawn Marie

“Fresh, happy, and tasty is the way we enjoy food. My passion for Mediterranean cuisine, infused with a Caribbean twist has been the inspiration for many dishes you are sure to love.” See you in the galley” – 1st Mate/Chef Ben

“All in all, we love what we do. We are blessed to have the opportunity to share our passion for adventure, travel, good food, and good fun with others. From our family to yours, We Welcome you to the Caribbean!”

Crew Profiles

Meet Your Captain:
Dawn Marie was born with a natural love for the outdoors. Being raised along the Rio Grande in the enchanted state of New Mexico is a blessing she will always be thankful for. Exploring, rock climbing, wakeboarding, hiking, dirt biking, backpacking, and scuba diving were a few of her favorite past times.

Always seeking to indulge in as many exciting sports and hobbies as she could get her hands on, has shaped her into the adventure-seeker you will meet today. The Caribbean has become her backyard and she can’t seem to get enough. Her knowledge of all the best spots around the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands lays the foundation for a carefree and magical vacation experience you won’t forget.

Meet Your Chef:
Ben is always searching for his next adventure and thus far his lust for life has seen him sailing around Britain’s coastlines, Northern France, and the majority of the countries of the northern Mediterranean including Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey, as well as several expeditions in the Atlantic. He found his way into the galley during one of his shipboard voyages through a necessity to keep hungry sailors from joining Davey Jones, ever since he has had a true passion for food. You can now find him on board Castellina II, cultivating a real love for mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, perfectly suited to the climate of the British Virgin Islands. Admiral Lord Nelson himself would be proud!

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