“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

Touch the Sky Charter Sailing Catamaran is a Leopard 58. It offers many spaces for family and friends to relax comfortably. With a comfortable indoor salon, an inviting flybridge with ample seating space, and plenty of room elsewhere. It’s perfect for whatever adventure you’re looking to undertake.

From five private staterooms, “two of which are on the main deck,” guests will find all they need within these rooms. With air conditioning, private balconies leading to the poolside patio area, and entertainment systems with movies and music options.

Plus, everything else that’s necessary for making memories while on board this gorgeous vessel. With sky-high ceilings inside and out; lots of windows, glass railings; polished wood paneling throughout. In addition to rich carpeting, exterior lamps shine through from hallways onto warm wooden floors. Touch the Sky is one amazing ship built with family fun in mind.

Get to know the crew | Touch the Sky Sailing Catamaran

Touch the Sky Sailing Catamaran - Captain Richard
Captain Richard | TOUCH THE SKY Charter

Captain Richard

Richard comes from a small town in upstate New York near the Lake Ontario shoreline. Here he didn’t learn anything about sailing. That is until he spent some university time at Daytona, returned to NY, and was fortunate enough to enter the racing scene.

There, he bought his own boat and has never stopped sailing since. In 2003, Richard moved to the Virgin Islands and got his USCG license after that. He worked for many years as a captain or engineer on various boats all over. With boats starting at 60 ft long up to 160 ft long.

For almost 20 years now, he’s been living in St. Thomas, USVI. Now it is one of his favorite spots thanks to its diverse culture, scenic beauty, history, and, most importantly, friendly people. He loves sharing hidden gems with newcomers so they can discover what it means to be islanders themselves.

Chef Suzanne

Touch the Sky Sailing Catamaran Chef Suzanne
Chef Suzanne | TOUCH THE SKY Charter

Suzanne is originally from Philadelphia, PA, where she studied under some of the best Italian cooks on the east coast. At an early age, she quickly noticed that blends of herbs and spices could elevate any dish you make to new heights.

When her family relocated to St Petersburg, FL, this awareness only grew stronger when her surroundings brought out feelings of wanting to travel somewhere warm all year long – but she never lost sight of what was most important.

As time went by and more experience was gained throughout different restaurants, Chef Suzanne decided it was finally time to leave that behind so that the magic within could be shared with everyone else.

Nowadays, people say Chef Suzanna’s dishes are simple but elegant – a perfect mixture of culinary styles created with fresh local ingredients and plenty of love sprinkled throughout them. Her food is truly unforgettable, no matter how many times one tries it.

UPDATE: Captain Nate and Chef/First mate Hilary are now the crew.

The Touch the Sky is available for charter in the Bahamas.

Some Guests Reviews | Touch the Sky Sailing Catamaran

Dear Richard & Suzanne, We can’t thank you enough for your amazing hospitality aboard Touch the Sky. The meals, and pre-meals, were delicious and the service was impeccable … Your warmth and inviting spirit allowed us to fully enjoy being present with one another, all too easily missed on a day to day basis.
The Christmas touches were perfect from the lights to the tray of Christmas cookies and candies.
One of the best vacations and most memorable Christmases ever! We will be back!!! You both are the best!!!

Touch The Sky’s Guest Quote

Dear Suzanne & Richard, We have so thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sailing with you! With two almost grown daughters this time together with family and friends means so much to us. What and adventure. Our family has taken many trips together over the years but this was the #1 most memorable, amazing, relaxing one. We hope to be back with you both sooner rather than later. If you ever come to the Chicago area, please let us know! We would love to see you!
You guys Rock! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~

Richard & Suzanne, Thank you both for such a fantastic trip!  Our first charter experience was extraordinary, and we owe that to both of you.  We were blessed with the two most wonderful new friends we could have ever wished to have this experience with. 

Every aspect of this charter was exceptional… from the amazing sailing to the most beautiful and delicious meals.  We loved getting to know you both and look forward to seeing you again soon.  Until then, we wish you both happiness and a wonderful charter season!  Thanks again; you truly are the Best!

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$33,300 - $35,000 /wk
  • 5 Cabins
  • 58.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2013

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