“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Dolphin Splash

Special tandem catamaran charters are now offered with yachts, Dolphin Splash and Slivochka.

Captains Andrew and Dylan came up with this idea after spending their time working as a team, to repair their respective yachts after Hurricane Irma. Both teams of the crew are long-time friends and respected colleagues, which would make for a fun and dynamic chemistry that is a treat for guests.

Sailing Yachts Slivochka and Dolphin Splash are offering this tandem yacht charter opportunity that comfortably accommodates 10-14 guests at a highly competitive price.

Catamaran Dolphin Splash
Catamaran Dolphin Splash

Learn more about Tandem catamaran charters:

Competitively low weekly rates:

  • 10 guests $40,500
  • 12 guests $41,500
  • 14 guests $42,500
Catamaran Slivochka

Advantages to Tandem charters

Being under the same company and their history of working together as a team elevates these concepts to produce a high-quality product. A few examples include:

  • freedom to move from one boat to another without worrying about liability restrictions. Allowing guests to mingle between yachts. Perhaps adults dine on one yacht and kids on the other
  • freedom to choose from different meals on same day from exceptional chefs.
  • course racing
  • 4 crew members stepping up service!
  • 3 Dive Masters on board
Slivochka's crew
Slivochka Crew
Dolphin Splash's crew
Dolphin Splash Crew

Double the amenities among the yachts:

  • 10 Scuba tanks
  • 6 BCD’s and regulators.
  • 16 ft RIB with 70HP 8 persons
  • 12 ft RIB with 30HP 6 persons
  • 2x wakeboard
  • 2x kneeboards
  • water skiing
  • 2x 3-man Tubes
  • 2-man tube
  • fishing
  • 8-man floating island
  • 6-man floating mat
  • underwater photography
  • 2x 2-man kayaks
  • 2x 1-man Kayaks
  • 4x Paddle Boards
  • noodles, rings
  • bats and balls
  • Wi-Fi available on both vessels
  • Apple TV available on both vessels

We want to offer a unique formula, under one company with two yachts and crew that work well together and are genuine friends and respected colleagues.

This offer offers the rare opportunity to sleep 10-14 guests at a super affordable price.

Contact us at 1-321-777-1707 or complete this form to discuss your vacation plans.