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The British Virgin Islands is growing in popularity as a Kite Surfing / Kite Boarding vacation destination. One of the ways to enjoy it is by taking a Kite Safari Yacht Charter through the British Virgin Islands on a crewed catamaran. KITESURFING Charter OCEAN VIEW: Enjoy Ocean View’s KITESURFING Video; it is fantastic. Kitesurfing – The Basics […]
A Kiteboarding BVI Yacht Charter Vacation is fun for the whole family Brings the Family! Top 5 Family-Friendly Caribbean Kiteboarding Destinations #1 on the list? You’ve guessed it The British Virgin Islands! The British Virgin Islands are commonly known as the most beautiful place to sail on earth. With the “Indo Boat Trip” being all the […]
Carib Kiteboarding is a PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) certified kiteboarding school. They are a comprehensive kiteboarding center providing lessons, guided excursions, and the latest in equipment and apparel. Also, Carib Kiteboarding has added new Slingshot Z Kites to its collection. Kiteboarding VIDEO in the BVI This is a kiteboarding video that Scott from Carib Kiteboarding of Bitter End Yacht Club […]
If you’re looking for an ultimate adventure, kitesurfing Caribbean yacht charter is the way to go. Imagine a world-class luxurious yacht cruising through the Caribbean waters while the gentle wind blows. Thus, promises an exciting adventure. Therefore, you have the right reasons to include kitesurfing in your travel plans. What is kitesurfing? Kite surfing, or […]
Check out this awesome Brasil kiteboarding video This video was shared by Captain Glen Howard Chef Grassa one of the former charter crews that were based in the Virgin Islands. Glen enjoys kiting and spent many days doing so in Brasil during their visit to see Grassa’s family. Kiteboarding is growing in popularity with many […]
BVI Kiteboarding Charter Vacation Experience the Thrill British Virgin Islands and Kiteboarding The BVI’s have long been a wonderful vacation destination for its excellent beaches, spectacular coastlines, and impressive resorts. Kiteboarding in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is just amazing; especially in the winter months when a strong wind blows around.  And, BVI Kiteboarding charter […]
Kiteboarding in the BVI on a Crewed Yacht Charter. The British Virgin Islands is considered by many the best place in the Caribbean to kiteboard. Hence, the BVI  is growing in popularity as a Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing vacation destination.  The BVI offers ideal conditions for riding, and the best way to enjoy kiteboarding in the BVI is on a […]
Go kiteboarding in the British Virgin Islands with the new Slingshot Z Kites by Carib Kiteboarding! This new creation will change the way you explore the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea on your next yacht charter! BVI Kiteboarding Locations Carib Kiteboarding at Bitter End Yacht Club in the BVI is proud to announce the […]