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Snorkeling in the Grenadines

Interested in knowing what a week sailing St Vincent & Grenadines would look like? Check out our St Vincent and Grenadines Charter Itinerary:

If you were to sail on Good Medicine, a superb 46ft catamaran, this is what your sample itinerary would look like:

  • Day 1:
  • St George’s, Grenada. Explore the most beautiful town in the Caribbean–St George’s. This is the heart of Spice Island, with a fascinating open market, waterfront restaurants, and historical landmarks.
  • Day 2: Rhonda Island, Grenada. This is a very secluded spot off the regular route where you can relax away from it all with great snorkeling that is rarely visited.
  • Day 3 Petite Martinique, Grenada, or Petite St Vincent, SVG. These quaint islands are part of a gorgeous reef that offers excellent snorkeling. Take a stroll through the village on Petite Martinique or visit the resort on Petite St Vincent.
  • Day 4:  Union Island, SVG. This island has it all: a shark pool, an open market, restaurants, trails, and hiking. Happy Island is a must for the best rum punch sundowner in the Grenadines.
  • Day 5 Tobago Cays, SVG. Just a short sail away, you are in the fantastic atoll of Tobago Cays. Fabulous snorkeling, diving, beaches, and vistas that you will fall in love with. This is our favorite spot in the Caribbean.
  • Day 6:  Mustique, SVG. This is the island of the rich and famous, where you can visit Basil’s bar and see who walks in. Horseback riding, spas, beautiful palm tree-lined beaches, and more.
  • Day 7: Admiralty Bay, Bequia, SVG.  Very popular with cruising yachtsmen, Bequia has a charm all to itself. It’s great fun to stroll the waterfront path and visit the restaurant, bars, and shops as waves lap at your feet. See the local’s colorful wooden boats on the beaches and out sailing in the bay. Be sure to browse the model boat building shop and the local craft stores.

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First-night “sleep aboard.”

  • Boarding after 4 PM, dinner ashore, breakfast ashore the following day.

Six nights charter | St. Vincent and Grenadines Charter Itinerary

  • All breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners aboard.

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