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Coral Reefs

 Caribbean Journal – Rebuilding Caribbean Coral Reefs.

Did you know that Coral Reefs are our first line of coastal defense against the impacts of major storms? This article tells you how we can help rebuild Caribbean coral reefs. Which will help to protect islands against the onslaught of tropical storms.

Storms have always been a fact of life in the Caribbean, but their impacts are getting worse.

Global warming, poor development choices and the loss of protective coastal habitat, such as coral reefs, all increase risk.

Of the many actions needed to reduce these risks, a smart and cost-effective first step is to restore the coral reefs that provide our first line of coastal defense.

In a recent global study, we found that coral reefs are an extremely powerful tool for coastal protection.

On average, healthy Caribbean coral reefs reduce wave energy by 97 percent. This greatly limits the force of waves that could otherwise hit coastlines causing erosion and flooding.

This defense is important to nearly 200 million people around the world. People who live in areas that receive risk reduction benefits from reefs or bear the costs if the reefs are lost or degraded.

In places where reefs have been degraded, it often means we have lost the living “skin” of corals from the top of these natural sea walls.

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