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MYSTIC SOUL BVI Power Catamaran Charter
MYSTIC SOUL BVI Power Catamaran Charter
The elegance of MYSTIC SOUL’s salon, bar & galley

Board this Horizon 52 power catamaran, and you’ll be truly blown away by her well-designed interior. MYSTIC SOUL has been crafted to perfection – she is a blue water cruiser through and through! You won’t find anything lacking in this expertly designed-hull. It also features two master staterooms with queen-sized beds and spacious living quarters.

Of which are sure to leave you satisfied from bow to stern. Add that to the spacey flybridge, enormous aft cockpit area, and even a cozy helm station below decks for good measure. It’s no wonder why Mystic Soul would make an ideal charter yacht for four discriminating guests. Of which are in search of an out-of-this-world experience during their stay on Virgin Island Paradise.

About the Crew | MYSTIC SOUL BVI Power Catamaran Charter

Philip and Audrey are a lovely, passionate pair of hosts. Their profession gives them the opportunity to make each person they encounter feel special and valued. With five years’ worth of experience now under their belt, this inspiring duo can deliver different holidays for tourists. Whether you’re looking for an immersive family vacation or relaxation with friends, Philip and Audrey will create an unforgettable trip filled with beautiful memories.

Captain Philip

Born and raised in England, Philip had always been introduced to the wonders of sailing and windsurfing when he was just a child. His interest grew steadily into a profession- one which took him all around the world for over 20,000 miles of exploration. From small dinghies all the way up to luxury yachts, he certainly did it all. And while sailing wasn’t his only love, he believes “There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

MYSTIC SOUL BVI Power Catamaran Charter chef prepared meal
MYSTIC SOUL meal prepared by Chef Audrey

Chef Audrey

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Audrey has spent the last 8 years cooking professionally. All along she had an intense desire for this career field. Thanks to her years of customer service and hospitality experience, Audrey plans to offer great quality time with each guest by catering to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences. Having begun her job as a freelance chef on charter boats just one year ago, it was already clear that cooking was something she was going to excel at, especially when it came to blending different cuisines together so there would be something for everybody (fusion food is her specialty). As someone who loves being close to the water and interacting with others who also love food, eating becomes even more pleasurable when you are sharing a delicious meal with friends or family who matter most.

Some Guest Comments | MYSTIC SOUL Power Catamaran Charter

Dear Phil & Audrey, Our family had the most amazing time with you on the Mystic Soul. Every detail was perfect, from the itinerary to the destinations to the food. The meals far exceeded our expectations and were nothing short of miraculous. We have stayed at luxury hotels all over the world, and this has been hands down the best vacation we have ever had. Thank you so much for all of your time, energy +thoughtfulness

The Yeshwants

Dear Phil and Audrey

Thank you for an unforgettable experience. From the magnificent food to the amazing views, you

both have made my time in the BVI something beyond my wildest dreams. The accommodations and

the conversations were top class. I could not have asked for a better crew to join our family trip. To

many more journeys in the future !

Spencer Chrein

Dear Audrey & Phil,

What a magical week it has been on the boat! Each day was truly a gift. Thank you for the

hospitality, wonderful recommendations, outstanding food and the BEST vacation ever. We loved

every minute of our trip and can’t wait to come back. In the words of Van Morrison, thank you for

‘’rocking our gipsy souls’’

Gabriella & Steve

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UPDATE: They are no longer chartering.

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