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Anse de Colombier,  Saint Barthélemy
Anse de Colombier, Saint Barthélemy

Explore Saint Barthélemy, known as St Barths or St Barts in English, on your St Barth’s Yacht Charter. The island is eight square miles of arid, volcanic rock; St. Barths is home to an eclectic mix of iguanas, night-blooming cacti, fabulous beaches, luxury yachts, designer boutiques, and celebrities. 

Through the vagaries of its history, St. Barths has become well known as a duty-free port and shopping mecca for globe-trotters and yachties alike. Home to descendants of the original French settlers and transplanted Europeans, as a result, this is an island with a strong, independent personality. It is undoubtedly the most unusual of the French West Indies islands. 

Chartering | St Barths

Private charter yachts are a great way to explore the islands between and around St. Barths and St Maarten. You will have the opportunity to include popular stop-offs at the other Leeward Islands, like Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, and Nevis. 

This sophisticated French island, Saint Barthélemy, packs a lot into a charmingly small package. Besides, the cuisine ranks among the Caribbean’s best. Indeed almost everything is stylish. You can spend the morning snorkelling or diving and try on the latest French fashions in the afternoon.

Then, watch the sunset from your private yacht in the beautiful harbour. Furthermore, complete the day in paradise in one of the numerous excellent restaurants. 

Gustavia Port is The Place in St. Barths and is lined with designer boutiques, world-class restaurants, and chic cafés. It is the leading yachting destination for provisioning, services, and facilities. It can accommodate up to 60 yachts of up to 197 ft in its inner harbour and, in addition, 100 more in the outer harbour. 

And if you’re lucky enough, you can witness the Les Voiles de Saint Barth – Yacht Racing Event!

Shell Beach on St Barths
Shell Beach, St Barths


When you visit St Barths, you appreciate nature more, with the puffy white clouds parading a clear blue sky and warm balmy breezes most of the year. It is in a word, a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals kind of weather. Tropical showers rarely occur in the region. However, this calm and relaxed climate could see a tropical storm or hurricane from July to November. 

We recommend December through June as the best time for chartering a yacht in St. Barths. Celebrate Christmas or the New Year here. Or take a romantic Spring Break with your loved one cruising the waters around this elegant Caribbean island.

Places to see on your St Barths Yacht Charter.

  • Gustavia – The capital of St Barths. This town wraps around the harbour like a horseshoe. In the harbour, colourful, rustic fishing boats bob next to impressive mega yachts. Chic shops and galleries line the streets of Gustavia. 
  • Then stroll along Quai de la République if you seek retail therapy or fabulous people-watching. You will also find some outstanding gourmet restaurants that fly in continental delicacies. Additionally, Gustavia is abuzz with activities in restaurants and nightclubs in the evening and at night. Don’t be surprised to dance next to Beyonce or one of the Kardashian family members at night. Gisele Bundchen can be seen in a photoshoot for Vogue.
  • Fort Gustave – For beautiful views over the area, visit the ruins of this fort. This site is easily recognizable by the red and white lighthouse that was built on the site in 1961. The fort is mostly in ruins today, but a few cannons remain.
  • Wall House Museum – St Barth’s municipal museum. 

More things to see

  • Vieux Clocher – The oldest building in Gustavia. A green-painted Swedish clock tower and an excellent photo op.
  • Lorient – The island’s first French settlement site, not far from St. Jean. A very charming village with a 19th-century church. Furthermore a fantastic beach for surfing. 
  • St-Jean – Located in the heart of St Barths. This is the most popular destination outside of Gustavia. Fabulous boutiques, shops, and incredible restaurants are waiting for you. 
  • Beaches – Baie de St-Jean – Crystal clear aquamarine water and glamorous sunbathers might make you think you are in St. Tropez. Aside from superb people-watching, tourists can also do swimming, snorkelling, and windsurfing. 
  • On the other hand, Anse des Flamands a quieter stretch of beach than Baie de St-Jean. You can relax under the shade of some palm trees and savour some local food at the ample amount of eateries here. You will not have to worry about your bathing attire at Anse de Grande Saline. As a result, this beach is a popular location for tourists that desire to swim or sunbathe au natural. 
  • Moreover, Anse de Grand Cul de Sac is the best beach if you are interested in water sports. 
  • Go to Shell Beach if you want to bring back some shells for the perfect vacation mementos. This beach has an abundance of seashells. 

Things to do

  • Walking on the beach or sunbathing – Baie de St-Jean Bay. Excellent people watching while walking on the white-sand beach. You will indeed feel like you are vacationing on the French Riviera. Then if you get tired of walking, visit a few of the fabulous boutiques and bistros very near the beach. Look on the south side of Eden Rock for a more peaceful stroll. Eden Rock separates the beach into two parts. Another magnificent beach for a stroll is Anse des Flamands. It offers some palm-tree shade and ample eateries should you get hungry or thirsty. Don’t forget to collect shells on Shell Beach. They will remind you what a fantastic time you had on St Barths.
  • Windsurfing and Kitesurfing – Wonderful at Baie de St-Jean (or the Bay of St. Jean). Additionally, at Anse de Grand Cul de Sac.
  • Snorkelling – At the reef-protected waters of Baie de St-Jean. Many areas will let you see magnificent colourful coral reefs, mainly from the shallow water. And plenty of brilliantly coloured fish. Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy is a marine reserve created to preserve the fragile marine ecosystem. Overall many of the dive and snorkel sites are located there. By all means, look for sea turtles and spotted eagle rays.
  • Swimming – Bay of St Jean. Swim in the particularly warm, calm, and reef-protected waters of Anse de Grand Cul de Sac. Or visit Lorient Beach. One end of this long beach is ideal for swimming, the other for surfing. Shell Beach.
  • Kayaking and Stand-up-Paddle boarding – Anse de Grand Cul de Sac.

More things to do on St Barths Yacht Charter

  • Surfing – At the far end of Lorient Beach. Pounding waves are prime surfing waters. While the rest of this long beach is usually calm, quiet, and ideal for swimming. 
  • Diving – Diving on St Barths allows the quintessential diving experience. Several large caverns are scattered around the island’s wall. Colourful coral reefs with a multitude of marine life. Around Pain de Sucre, an islet off Gustavia harbour, you will observe the most spectacular dives. Or around the small cape, l’Ane Rouge, off Colombier Bay. As well as around Coco Islet. Finally, The Kaïali, a wreck dive containing two different entrances. You will find lobster, conch, and vast schools of tropical fish. 
  • Hiking – A great way to explore St Barths. Indeed, the most popular trail is from Petite Anse to stunning Colombier Beach. We recommend wearing sandals, not flip-flops. Or explore two trails near Toiny. Moreover, one will reward with a gorgeous vista; the other trail offers views of the “washing machine” and natural pools.
  • Tennis – At the stadium in St Jean. Several tournaments are organized throughout the year. A significant event in August especially welcomes the participation of visitors for a friendly competition. 
  • Events – January, St Barth’s Music Festival. February, do not miss Carnival. Celebrations kick off with parades along the streets of Gustavia. March, the annual St. Barths Bucket, a sailing regatta. At the end of April, St Barth’s Film Festival. But the one event that should not be missed and will make you come back every year: New Year. Magical holidays and equally important end-of-year parties attract the world’s most influential and glamorous jet-setters.
Eden Rock St Barths
Eden Rock St Barths

Gastronomy Highlights

Local Specialities

Saint Barthélemy cuisine is based on French, West Indian, Creole, and Asian cuisine. Steamed vegetables with fresh fish are widely offered. As is grilled lamb. Creole dishes are spicier than French cuisine. Fresh, locally caught seafood, grilled lobster, or christophine (chayote squash) with cod. And, of course, stuffed crab and West Indian pudding are all delicious. Additionally, let us recommend local fruit for dessert. Like passion fruit, pineapple, mangoes, and bananas. Available in sorbets, smoothies, salads, or cakes. Of course, all accompanied by a rum cocktail.


Due to its French and Creole roots in its cuisine, St Barths has most likely the best food in the Caribbean. It is home to over 70 superb restaurants. And this playground of the rich and famous assure a vast selection of great establishments.

  • La Gloriette – Grand Cul-de-Sac. This beachside shack is the perfect casual seaside place to bring the whole family.
  • Maya’s To Go – St. Jean. Experience St Barths by grabbing a picnic basket from Maya’s To Go. Then drive to one of the more secluded beaches and savour the Caribbean flavour of this island. Or decide to try Maya’s blend of neo-Creole cuisine in the restaurant, so popular with locals and visitors. They always use the freshest products available.
  • Shelton – Shell Beach. The perfect location combined with an exceptional view: overlooking the sea! Its popularity is due to its location, incredible food, impeccable service, great energy, and fantastic music.
  • Le Tamarin – Route de Saline, on the way to Salines Beach. Furthermore, a 200-year-old tamarind tree marks the entrance to this enchanting restaurant. You will find a fantastic menu with an easygoing atmosphere during the day and a more lively one at night.
  • Eddy’s – Gustavia. With an ambience leaning towards French Polynesia, you might feel like you are in Tahiti. This affordable gem, serving simple, hearty food, has a lovely garden in downtown Gustavia. Eddy’s gets going after 9 pm.
  • Orega – Gustavia. Consistently highly rated for exceptional Franco-Japanese fusion meals and service. An intimate setting, an outdoor terrace, and a tremendous creative menu.
  • Sand Restaurant – St. Jean Eden Rock Resort. Superb quality French, Caribbean food. Combined with excellent service and a setting right at the water’s edge. Plus, a view of St. Jean beach and beyond.

Marinas and Anchorages on your St Barths Yacht Charter

Sailors have discovered the magic of St Barths for hundreds of years.

  • The Port of Gustavia – Rated is one of the world’s most popular and beautiful natural harbours. All yachts must obtain authorization from the Port Captain’s office before anchoring within the port. The office is open seven days a week from 7 am to 6 pm. This port is highly active in the winter months. When hundreds of boats and mega yachts arrive for the holidays. The docks are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Additionally, the maximum size yacht allowed in the port of Gustavia is 197 feet or 60 m.
  • Anchoring sites outside Gustavia – One to the south of the channel with good holding and visibility in 20-30 feet. The other one is at the shoreside.
  • Anse Colombier – The use of a mooring ball is recommended. Then again, if all are taken, anchoring is allowed here. Take the dinghy into Gustavia.

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