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Saint Kitts as can seen on your Saint Kitts Yacht Charter
Saint Kitts

Saint Kitts is also known as St Kitts or Saint Christopher. Explore this island on your Saint Kitts Yacht Charter. It has an area of only about 68 square miles. The island is one of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, with the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Caribbean on the west. In fact, St Kitts and Nevis are actually the summits of a submerged volcanic mountain range.

Its history started about 3000 years ago when the Ciboney lived there. Followed by Arawak, Taino, and Carib Native Indian tribes. The First Europeans to settle there were the Spanish in 1493. In time this was followed by the English and French squabbling over control of the island for centuries. This was Great Britain’s first Caribbean settlement. It was the English who started a tobacco plantation in 1624. But this gave way to sugar. St Kitts, together with Nevis and Anguilla became a self-governing state in association with Great Britain, in 1967. Then this two-island federation of St Kitts and Nevis declared independence in 1983. Since then it has been an independent member of the Commonwealth with the Queen as its head of state.

St Kitts Destination and Interesting Facts

About 45 000 people call Saint Kitts home. Residents call themselves Kittitians. Moreover, a quarter of the population lives in Basseterre, the capital. The official language is English. The highest elevation, Mount Liamuiga (3792 feet), can be found in a volcanic mountainous ridge that runs down the middle of the island. For the most part, one road goes around the perimeter of the island. Then smaller ones are branching out from there. The interior is too steep for habitation. In essence, most of the beaches are black volcanic sand. Due to its volcanic origin, it is a very fertile land. It is said that St Kitts is so fertile that even the monkeys are green. You can see them all over the island. St Kitts and Nevis use the Eastern Caribbean dollar, but the US dollar is widely accepted in this two-island federation.


The best time to visit Saint Kitts is December through April. You can expect the average summer temperature to be about 86 °F (30 °C). During the winter, the average temperature is 81 °F (27 °C). The sea is warm enough for swimming all year round. The rainy season is from May to November. The rainy season, however, only means short downpours. Most often in the early morning and the afternoon. Of course, keep in mind that this island does experience the Atlantic hurricane season.

Places to See on Your Saint Kitts Yacht Charter

  • Wingfield Estate – Formerly a sugar plantation, dating back to the mid-1600s. Ruins of a sugar mill that was powered by water, not wind. Located in Old Road Town, and set in the picturesque foothills of the island’s central mountain range. Make sure to look for 17th-century Amerindian petroglyphs.
  • Romney Manor – Romney Manor was the great house for a plantation that was once owned by the great, great, great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson. Further, it became the first plantation to free all of its slaves in 1834. Romney Manor has a beautiful serene garden, mixing Caribbean tropical plants with European gardening elements. When at Romney Garden make sure to visit Caribelle Batik. Their distinctive, innovative, and unique designs have had an international reputation since 1976. Watch how artists demonstrate the batik techniques while learning about this ancient art form.
  • Basseterre, the capital of St Kitts – Even though Basseterre is best known for its spectacular beaches, the city is well worth a visit. It is one of the oldest towns in the Eastern Caribbean. From the National Museum of St Kitts to Independence Square, Basseterre has a lot to offer. The city’s central hub is “The Circus”. It is modeled, not surprisingly, after London’s Piccadilly Circus. Make sure to look for souvenirs and by all means savor a delicious meal at one of many local restaurants.
Brimstone Hill National Fortress, you can see on your Saint Kitts Yacht Charter
Brimstone Hill National Fortress, Saint Kitts

More Places to See

  • Brimstone Hill National Fortress – High on Brimstone Hill, the fortress has stunning views in every direction. Make sure to bring your camera along. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then tour the fort’s interior and stroll the grounds of this well-preserved fortification. While it was designed by British military engineers, African slaves built it in the 17-18th century. With the intent to protect the coastline and provide a safe refuge for the island’s citizens.
  • Mount Liamuiga – At 3,792 feet this stratovolcano is the highest point on Saint Kitts and the entire British Leeward Islands. The last verified eruption occurred about 1800 years ago. At the peak, you will find a 0.6-mile-wide summit crater. The mountainsides are covered with lush tropical rainforests in the higher elevations. Cloud forest takes over at 3000 feet which makes it the perfect destination on a hot summer day.
  • Timothy Hill – Take a stunning selfie atop Timothy Hill. Located on St Kitts’ southeast peninsula, this is the place for an envy-inducing photo. The 360-degree view includes the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Caribbean Sea on the right. You can even see Nevis in the background.

Things to Do on Your Saint Kitts Yacht Charter

  • Take the St Kitts Scenic Railway – This narrow-gauge railway circles the island. It’s a scenic and equally informative journey. But most impressive are the panoramas of the sea and cliffs. The railway cars are double-decker style with an open-air deck offering 360-degree views. And do not forget to look for green monkeys.
  • Hike – Energetic visitors can hike through pristine tropical forests to the summit of Mount Liamuiga. A mile-wide volcanic crater known as the “Giant’s Salad Bowl” will reward your efforts. As well as unbelievably beautiful vistas. Be prepared to wear sturdy shoes to safely climb steep hills. It is about 2.6 miles each way.
  • Swim – The strait that separates St. Kitts and Nevis is known as the Narrows. It is only 2 miles wide. And so you can join swimmers from near and far every spring to take part in a race crossing the Narrows. Or, you can also leisurely swim from the shore of the magnificent beaches on St Kitts.
  • Snorkel – The sheltered lagoon at South Frigate Bay. Pristine, protected waters are teeming with tropical fish. Snorkeling is also fantastic in the calm waters at Dieppe Bay, and off Cockleshell beach. At Pelican Rocks, snorkelers are joined by diving seabirds feeding on small fish.
  • Dive – A perfect site is at Sandy Point National Marine Park, located just offshore, close to Brimstone Hill. This site is renowned for its scuba diving. Divers will experience large coral formations and canyons to swim through. In an area called Anchors Away, anchors were dropped centuries ago by warships. You can also see shipwrecks at this dramatic vertical reef line. It’s home to hawksbill and green turtles, lobsters, sea horses, and much more.
Hawks Bill Turtle can be seen in Saint Kitts Sandy Point National Marine Park
Hawksbill Turtle can be seen at Sandy Point National Marine Park, Saint Kitts

More Things to Do

  • Sunbathe and walk on St Kitt’s amazing beaches – The unique black sand beach at Dieppe Bay, located on the northern coast of St. Kitts. Cockleshell Beach – Certainly one of the more popular and vibrant beaches in St Kitts. This white sand beach is on the island’s southern tip. It has a laid-back beach bar scene and great seafood restaurants. Frigate Bay – a beautiful beach with a lively atmosphere. Here you will find activities day and night. North Frigate Bay faces the Atlantic Ocean and boasts the best views and quality sand. However, South Frigate Bay is where you will find most restaurants.
  • St Kitts Music Festival – This takes place in June. People flock to the island for concerts and parties showcasing local and international artists. A wonderful range of genres, including jazz, hip-hop, reggae, calypso, soca, and more will delight you.
  • Sugar Mas – Time for the carnival on St Kitts. This event takes place in December and culminates on January 2nd. It is the last and also the first carnival in this region. Carnival is the largest national event in St Kitts. It unites visitors and residents. The whole island listens and dances to the sounds of soca and calypso music.
  • Golf – A round at Half Moon Bay. Royal St Kitts Golf Club is a par-71 golf course with incredible views and challenges galore. In particular, there are 10 water hazards, 80 bunkers, and greens that stretch across 125 acres that overlook the ocean. You will find this golf course on the grounds of the St Kitts Marriott Resort in Basseterre.
  • Ziplining – Sky Safari Tours offers a fascinating ziplining adventure. This zipline tour runs through the St Kitts rainforest. And you will also fly over the magnificent Wingfield River.

Gastronomy Highlights

Local Specialties – Saint Kitts Yacht Charter

  • Conch Fritters (Conch fritters are made from conch meat, the batter seasoned and fried)
  • Roti (a round flatbread)
  • Goat Water (a stew using goat, papaya, onions, yams, chilies, tomatoes, and other fresh, local ingredients)
  • Sugar Cake (a Trinidadian favorite. Contains besides the obvious (sugar) also shredded unsweetened coconut).
  • Cook-up or Pelau (Pigeon peas, a savory mix of multiple types of meat like beef, and salt fish. Plus a variety of vegetables, such as rice with coconut milk and fresh herbs, flavored with burnt sugar)
  • Salt Fish and Dumplings (a popular dish all over the Caribbean. Salt fish is dried and salted cod)
  • Johnny Cakes (similar to a pancake)
  • Lobster (of course the best local seafood)

Notable Restaurants

  • Marshalls – Basseterre. Local cuisine, Caribbean, and seafood. If you like beautiful views combined with great food, this restaurant is for you.
  • Salt Plage – Basseterre. Caribbean, seafood. The place to view a perfect Caribbean sunset. And if you like lobster, make sure to go there on “Lobster night” and have fresh grilled spiny lobster. While enjoying the most incredible sunset have a Jumbie and listen to live steel drum music.
  • Carambola Beach Club – South Friar’s Bay. It offers local specialties like pumpkin soup, and jerk conch as well as an extensive sushi buffet. Located at one of St Kitt’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Arthurs – Dieppe Bay at Belle Mont Farm. Enjoy this fantastic ocean-front setting while savoring a true “sea-to-fork” menu. The seafood is so fresh and locally sourced. The produce even comes from the resort’s own farm.
  • El Fredo’s Restaurant and Bar – Basseterre. If you are craving some of the best freshly prepared Caribbean favorites, have lunch here. El Fredo’s offers a true taste of this beautiful island. It is not the ambiance, nor the view but the quality of the food that draws a local following. Curry goat, stewed oxtail, grilled conch with rice and peas.

Marinas and Anchorages – Saint Kitts Yacht Charter


  • Port Zante – A 37-berth marina in Basseterre. Currently the only one in St Kitts and Nevis offering berths for yachts up to 150+ feet. Customs at the marina office and the Immigration office is nearby. Port Zante offers not only excellent marine services but also plentiful shopping and a multitude of dining possibilities.
  • The Marina at Christophe Harbour – A superyacht marina with berths for 150 feet to 250 feet yachts. The marina offers full dockside and concierge services as well as a private air terminal and premier resort amenities. Onsite customs and immigration. VIP expedited arrivals and departures for both yachts and private jets.


  • Port Zante – Basseterre
  • Frigate Bay – Mooring buoys and a sandy seabed to anchor on.
  • South Friar’s Bay – Easy to approach. Take the dinghy to the lively beach. Then gather here for Full Moon parties on the Saturday nearest the full moon.
  • White House Bay – Well protected. Best anchored in the middle of the bay. Be mindful of the reef to the south of the bay.
  • Major’s Bay – A deep anchorage on the south side of St Kitts. Be sure to leave room for the Sea Bridge Ferry. Anchor is fairly close to shore and you will be within dinghy range to Banana Bay and Cockleshell Bay.
  • Shitten Bay and Bug’s Hole – Horrible names, but the snorkeling is fantastic. Only recommended anchoring during the day.

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