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Nevis, explore this tranquil island on your Nevis Yacht Charter
Nevis. Explore this tranquil island on your Nevis Yacht Charter

Nevis, part of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, is waiting for you to explore on your Nevis Yacht Charters. The most advantageous and equally fun way to explore this area of the Caribbean is on a chartered yacht. Nevis and the neighboring Saint Kitts create one country: The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. This smaller of the two islands, Nevis is 36 square miles in size and located about 50 miles west of Antigua. The capital is Charlestown. Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America was born on Nevis in 1757. And Lord Horatio Nelson, Britain’s famous admiral, married a Nevisian here in 1787.

Nevis is separated from Saint Kitts by a shallow 2-mile channel known as “The Narrows”. Just like its larger neighbor, this island is volcanic in origin. In fact, St Kitts and Nevis are actually the summits of a submerged volcanic mountain range. At the center of Nevis, you will find 3232 feet high Nevis Peak. The top of this peak is cloud-covered most of the time. Sandy beaches, which are in effect a mixture of white coral sand and dark volcanic sand, create the fringes. Natural freshwater springs and hot springs can be found especially along the western coast.


Since St Kitts and Nevis are a Caribbean island nation, you can expect balmy temperatures year-round. The best time to visit Nevis is December through April. The average summer temperature is around 86 °F (30 °C). During the winter, the average temperature is 81 °F (27 °C). However, nicely tempered trade winds are present throughout most months. The rainy season is from May to November. Rain showers tend to come most often in the early morning and afternoon and go away as quickly as they come. This however only means short downpours, most often in the early morning and in the afternoon. September and October have the most risk of hurricanes. The sea is warm enough for swimming all year long.

Tropical Fish, see them while snorkeling around Nevis   Photo credit Max Letek, Unsplash
See tropical fish while snorkeling around Nevis. Photo credit Max Letek, Unsplash

Places to See on Nevis Yacht Charters

  • Charlestown – The capital of Nevis. Perhaps smaller and sleepier than Basseterre on Saint Kitts, but more old-fashioned and elegant. Very friendly and polite residents will welcome you. Government Road is a nice place to stroll.
  • The Museum of Nevis History – Charlestown. Here, learn about the island and its most famous inhabitants, Alexander Hamilton and Lord Horatio Nelson. Americans recognize Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill, but few know that he started his life right here on Nevis.
  • St John’s Figtree Anglican Church – It was built in 1680 and is one of the oldest churches in the Caribbean. Explore the surrounding church grounds and find gravestones dating back more than 300 years.
  • Bath Hotel – Built 1787. This hotel is believed to be the first hotel specifically for tourists in all of the Caribbean. It provides visitors access to the mineral-rich on-site volcanic hot springs. As a result, the water temperature stays consistently around 107 F. Today the hotel is partially used for government offices, but still allows visitors to indulge in the hot springs. The Bath Hotel is also home to the “Garden of Jericho” where part of Lord Nelson’s wedding was held in 1787.

More Things to See

  • Montpelier Plantation and Beach – A vast former sugar plantation. Built in 1687, it witnessed the marriage of Horatio Nelson to Frances Nisbet, niece of the president of Nevis. The sugar monopoly vanished, but in 1960 the historic ruins started a conversion into a beautiful luxurious hotel. The sprawling grounds are home to a 330-year old sugar mill and distillery as well as an exquisite botanical garden.
  • Botanical Gardens of Nevis – Beautiful tropical plants, sculptures, fountains, and fragrant flowers will be a serene retreat for you. Above all, visit the Rainforest Conservancy. This lush garden has butterflies, parrots, and brightly colored flowers all placed around a Mayan-style temple and waterfall.
  • The Jewish cemetery – Charlestown. A reminder of the once-thriving Jewish community in Nevis. You can find headstones dating back to the late 17th century.
  • Nevis Peak – A tree-covered dormant volcano where jets of steam and natural hot springs are testimony to active volcanic activity.

Things to Do

  • Take a Charlestown Tour – Participate in a walking tour of Charlestown. Combine the historical knowledge of a local guide with vivid stories of Nevis. These are fun, personal tours highlighting the culture and history of the island.
  • Shopping – Support local art at The Charlestown Gallery. Find amazingly beautiful textiles, pictures, and bags. Lime in the Coconut. A boutique on Pinney’s Beach. Select locally handmade gifts that will remind you of your stay on Nevis. Definitely visit L and L Rum Shop for an extensive selection of local rum. The owner is certainly a true rum aficionado.
  • Beaches and swimmingOualie Beach. A soft-sand beach, less rocky than some others. Pinney’s Beach. With approximately 4 miles the longest beach on Nevis. On-site vendors rent beach chairs and umbrellas. Smooth sand and several beach snack shacks nearby. Lover’s Beach and Cades’s Bay beach are quieter.
  • Snorkeling Four Seasons Breakers. A favorite snorkel spot is a set of four breaker rocks in front of the Four Seasons Resort. Also Oualie Beach, Pinney’s beach south, and Herbert’s Beach.

More Things to Do

  • Kayaking – Spend a day kayaking along the shoreline of Nevis.
  • Cycling – Cycle the streets through defunct sugar plantations and abandoned railroad tracks. Learn about the island’s history from a local guide while enjoying Nevis firsthand.
  • Diving – Dozens of reefs, wrecks, and volcanic vents are just minutes offshore. With this in mind, the crew of your chartered yacht will provide you with gear or arrange rendezvous diving. Monkey Shoals. Located just off the western tip of the peninsula between St Kitts and Nevis. Monkey Shoals is really a group of dive sites with an average depth of 50 feet. The shoal is home to lobster, rays, exotic reef fish, and the occasional nurse shark. You will also find an abundance of sea turtles.
  • Hiking – To Mount Nevis, the highest point on the island. This is a tree-covered, dormant volcano. Jets of steam and natural hot springs consequently remind of the volcanic activity deep down. Hiking to the peak is certainly a popular activity for adventurous visitors, but we recommend a local guide.

Gastronomy Highlights on Nevis Yacht Charters

Nevis Special Foods and Drinks

  • Goat Water – (a stew using goat, papaya, onions, yams, chilies, tomatoes and other fresh, local ingredients). Spicy and flavorful.
  • Conch Fritters (Conch fritters are made from conch meat, the batter seasoned and fried)
  • Roti – (a round flatbread)
  • Cook up or Pelau – (Pigeon peas, savory mix of multiple types of meat like beef, salt fish. Plus a variety of vegetables and of rice with coconut milk and fresh herbs, flavored with burnt sugar)
  • Salt Fish and Dumplings – A popular Caribbean dish. Salt fish is dried and salted cod.
  • Johnny Cakes and of course many varieties of fresh seafood like lobster

Notable Restaurants

  • Indian Summer Nevis – Cades Bay. Indian food, vegetarian and vegan. A favorite to many.
  • The Rocks – Local cuisine, Caribbean, and seafood in a truly Caribbean setting. The Rocks is located at the Golden Rock Inn, dating back to the early 1800s. Particularly gorgeous views from the slopes of Mount Nevis toward Antigua and Montserrat.
  • Rodney’s Cuisine – For authentic, genuine Nevis island food and recipes handed down for generations. Specialties are swordfish, goat water, and Johnny cakes. And have a glass of soursop juice. The atmosphere is old-style Nevisian living.
  • The Gin Trap – A favorite for locals and visitors alike and located only 30 feet from the ocean’s edge. Enjoy views of the Caribbean and savor fresh local produce.
  • Bananas Restaurant – Caribbean and seafood. Surrounded by dense, lush tropical gardens. Hidden away at the historic Hamilton Estate, this is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner. Eclectic menu selections of local dishes and international cuisine. Make sure to sample from the great selection of old rums.
  • Oasis in the Garden – Asian and Thai. Located in the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Nevis. Fragrant environment, exotic menu, and panoramic views of Mount Nevis.
  • Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill – Lively and casual beachside establishment. Make sure to watch Sunshine prepare the iconic “Killer Bee” drink.

Beach on Nevis
Beach on Nevis

Marinas and Anchorages – Nevis Yacht Charters


The Charlestown area does not have a marina, but the Nevis Port has a long dock that can be used while provisioning. Additionally, the port has a dinghy dock for use by yachts anchored out in Charlestown Harbor. Excellent marinas are located on St Kitts.

Anchorages, Moorings

Yachts clearing into Nevis need to pick up one of the five yellow quarantine buoys. They are located off the ferry dock at Charlestown. The dinghy dock is just south of the ferry pier. Customs is located in the Cotton Ginnery, Immigration in the police station on Main Street. Specifically, arrange for a mooring with the Port Authority at the Charlestown dock.

Long Point Port – West coast of Nevis. 40 moorings balls for vessels up to 90 feet or 80 tons. Operated by Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NAPSA). At the same time, it is an easy approach and user-friendly dock.

The Nevis Port Authority has installed 100 first-class yacht mooring buoys along the western coast. Yachts are required to pick up a mooring. Anchoring is no longer permitted. The mooring fields are laid out at Pinney’s Beach (from the Double Deuce to Sunshine’s) and Nelson’s Spring. As well as Cades Bay, Tamarind Bay (5), and Oualie Bay (3).

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