“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Pure Grenada Music Festival is an experience that will elevate your next yacht charter vacation. The festival enjoys great music from top-notch artists. All the while, you are surrounded by the stunning beauty of the unspoiled Caribbean Island. Along with the genuine hospitality of the people of Grenada.

The Pure Grenada Music Festival is all about artists who are masters in their own right. They come with a passion for supporting young musical talent, all of which is on display.

Also, find creators of distinction who come with a love for the authentic and intimate atmosphere. Which sets Grenada apart and makes this festival different from any other.

The festival helps lay a new foundation for developing young musical talent in Grenada. Through a sustainable and long-term basis of support and exposure.

All the while building awareness for the conservation of our natural resources. Explore and share environmental best practices and celebrate our natural beauty.

The three islands of Grenada offer different experiences for travelers. Tourism is typically centered on Grenada, the largest island, and even more concentrated in the city of St. George’s.

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