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Experience the anchorage at Grand Anse Beach, Grenada crewed catamaran charters

Here we break down why Grenada crewed catamaran charters are an excellent choice for an unforgettable summer vacation. In addition, we will provide you with not just any yacht charters.

However, we will provide you with some options of recommended crewed yacht charters derived from our many years of experience with prior guests.

In addition, we will cover a crewed catamaran charter in Grenada and the Grenadines during the summer months.

Why Grenada is an excellent summer crewed charter destination

Some say that experiencing the Caribbean during the summer is less desirable; they may cite hot temperatures, frequent rainstorms, and the threat of hurricane season. But for those who love sailing vacations, these things are outweighed by other features unique to this time of year.

Less Hurricane risk than the more northern Caribbean

Let’s talk about the risks of hurricanes in the Caribbean. The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th.

Hurricanes are statistically more prevalent in the northern regions of the Caribbean. Still, those islands, including The Bahamas, The Virgin Islands example, have much more to worry about than Grenada, St Vincent, and The Grenadines.

Grenada is south of the hurricane belt; rather than at its center. Subsequently making it appealing for yacht charters to move down south to this region with less risky sailing conditions.

But isn’t it too hot and often too rainy? | Grenada Crewed Catamaran Charters

Not so fast, sure it can be hot during the day, and there are times when it rains. However, don’t fret too much; it hardly ever rains for long periods.

As soon as the rain stops, everything dries up quickly. Now on to the heat. Yes, It may feel slightly warmer in the summer compared to other seasons, but the refreshing sea breezes cool your yacht. In addition, don’t forget that you are on the water.

Take a jump off your yacht or head to a nearby palm-littered white sand beach for a swim.

Better price and selection, a win-win | Grenada Crewed Catamaran Charters

There are several factors at play here. Such as the summer season not having the draw of the snowbird vacationers, some fearing hurricane season, and a sentiment of it being a bit too hot.

That covers the demand side; now, let’s look at the supply side. The Grenadines also have a positive in that category, with many yachts moving further south in the Caribbean. So you have a more extensive selection of crewed catamarans compared to other times of the year.

Thus creating a win-win situation when it comes to simple supply and demand. Therefore if you like the idea of fewer crowds, and a more favorable selection of crewed catamarans, this may be right up your alley.

$21,200 - $24,500 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 50.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2020
$22,500 - $25,500 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 49.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2020
$21,000 - $25,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 48.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2020

But Why a Catamaran? | Grenada Crewed Catamaran Charters

Catamarans have become more popular for crewed charters over the years for sure. While motor yachts and traditional sailing mono-hulls still have their appeal, there are strong reasons why catamarans continue to grow in popularity. Let’s jump into why shall we?

Cost difference versus Motor Yachts

When pricing out yacht charters, you may have noticed that the charter rate for Motor Yachts is plus all expenses. These costs are for fuel, provisions, and other costs.

In this reasonably standard case, a vehicle to cover these costs is called “APA.” The APA stands for “advanced provisioning allowance”. And it is a downpayment for these expenses. Typically a charterer should count on the APA being around 30-40% of the charter rate.

Now let’s give a pretty simple example. You see a crewed catamaran charter marketed for $50,000; in this case, that fee includes items such as fuel and provisions. One would then need to plan on a customary gratuity for the crew of 20%. So now you see a Motor Yacht marketed for $100,000; you will need to add the APA giving a total of $130,000 – $140,000 per week plus the customary crew gratuity.

So why the substantial difference? To put that in simple perspective, the sailing catamaran has substantially lower fuel costs.

Comfort, Spaciousness & Functionality | Grenada Catamarans

One of the most significant advantages of having a catamaran is the comfort and privacy you can find because of its spaciousness. The room between each hull provides much more comfortable communal areas perfect for lounging while on vacation. In addition, those with a flybridge offer 360-degree views, with an added sense of grandeur. When it comes to lunch or dinner, dining al fresco becomes a breeze.

Many modern charter Catamarans are designed with a helm on the flybridge and another in the main salon. This provides more privacy than other boats, such as sailing vessels. The shaded dining area beneath an overhead cover makes it easy to dine al fresco while protecting oneself from the harsh sun rays or rain; great for people who want to observe the natural beauty without being over-exposed.

Grenada beach and Grenada Crewed Catamaran Charters
Grenada Beach

No catamaran would be complete without its foredeck area. It provides enough space for sunbathing and socializing, so it’s always a hit among passengers.

For those with a trampoline, when you’re cruising at a steady pace on the open sea, it feels like you’re soaring in mid-air; nothing isn’t anything blocking your view of what lies beneath except the blue horizon expanding before you everywhere you look.

Hopefully, we gave you a good understanding of why summer Grenada crewed catamaran charters are a great vacation option.

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