Celebrity Crew on Aeolus Catamaran

Virgin Islands Catamaran Aeolus with Celebrity crew

It is the intimate combination of crew along with this yacht that makes chartering a celebrated one-of-a-kind getaway. A great example is Captain Mayon Hight along with First Mate Elizabeth Bork on the 65-foot Lagoon, Aeolus. Mayon is a mechanical engineer who’s also an eFoil instructor. In addition, Elizabeth is a former high-kicking Radio City Rockette. Furthermore Aeolus is a celebrity too! It’s currently one of the largest catamarans of its kind available for luxury charters in North America. Indeed, put these together and Aeolus offers a bucket-list holiday ready to happen in the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands Catamaran Aeolus with Celebrity crew
Catamaran Aeolus

Watersports a Specialty

Watertoys elevate guests’ experience tremendously onboard Aeolus. Mayon has command of all of them. High-tech toys like SCUBA equipment, Seabob, a Subwing, as well as two E-foils. One eFoil is significant as well as stable, and the other is smaller and sportier. Additionally, there are low-tech floating lounges too. If you’d like to eFoil like Zuckerberg, Mayon can teach you. His prowess roots in a childhood on the Atlantic and Pacific. Always an adventure to remember with the celebrity crew on Aeolus Catamaran.

“Growing up in Maryland sailing with my grandfather, I gained an appreciation for getting to a destination solely with wind power. I have that same sense of accomplishment today. Guests often join me in this delight. They are typically right there with me at the helm. We all enjoy the challenge and rewards of sailing,” he says

Captain Mayon

Mayon finished his childhood in Hawaii. Here he learned to love watersports. Without a doubt he has incorporated this enjoyment into charters on Aeolus by becoming a SCUBA and eFoil instructor.

“I think by using all the great water toys on Aeolus, guests get a more immersive and full-bodied Caribbean experience. This past season we had a family with four kids between 9 and 15 years old. They used the Seabobs, electric-powered underwater scooters, to explore the underwater world. They navigated miles of coastline. And saw underwater features they wouldn’t normally be able to without the equipment and crew guidance. Those kids really got a view of the ocean that opened their minds to what the Caribbean is all about.”

Captain Mayon

Party Planning Bar None

Elizabeth spent eight years dancing as one of the famed New York City Rockettes and performing in music videos as well as television productions with celebrities like Beyonce.

“When I share that I was a Rockette, guests will often say they saw the show. I ask them what year. Many times, they did see me perform. That blows their mind,” she says.

Chief Stewardess Elizabeth

Party planning proved a natural career evolution from celebrities and show business. Therefore It enabled Elizabeth to display her creative capabilities and outstanding organizational skills. Transferring these entertaining abilities afloat happened in Hawaii.

“Moving to Hawaii was a big jump for me. I call it my ‘quarter-life crisis’. I sold everything. Quit my job. I had no idea what I would do there. My ‘no plan’ led to my first job on a sailboat, and the rest is history!” she says.


The Experience onboard | Aeolus

A charter on Aeolus is just like a week-long event. Therefore keeping activities organized and catering to unique guests each week is top-of-the-list important. Moreover, no two weeks on Aeolus look the same, says Elizabeth. “I love the ‘party planning’ aspect of my job. I am always seeking new ways to increase the ‘wow’ factor. On one charter, we had a surprise proposal. We had 5 dozen red roses. The petals floated down off the flybridge just at the ‘Will you marry me’ part. It turned out perfectly, and the bride-to-be was beyond surprised!”

Cuisine | Aeolus

The culinary experience is essential to every party and charter. Coupled with Elizabeth being a graduate of the Ashburton Cookery School in Devon, UK. Mayon is an intermediate saucier graduate from the same school. Both excel in the galley.

“I enjoy infusing spirits and making my own simple syrups to elevate my cocktails,” says Elizabeth. “Enhancing cocktails with fancy garnishes like flowers frozen into cubes is fun. Entertaining guests for a week means I get to know their taste preferences. By the end of the charter, we are exploring new ideas and drink variations, which is a ton of fun,” says Elizabeth.


A chef sails as a third crew aboard Aeolus.

Lots of Yacht | Celebrity Crew on Aeolus Catamaran

Aeolus, God of the Winds in Greek, is the first 65-foot Lagoon luxury charter catamaran in North America. This spacious cat features accommodations for 6 to 8 guests.

“Like all sailing catamarans, Aeolus meets a desire for luxury adventure vacation travel,” .


“‘Luxury” and ”Adventure” rise to new heights. From the linens on the bed to the table-scapes at dinner, every part of the interior of the boat is calming and elegant. Moreover, guests are always ready for the day after a good night’s sleep and a relaxing morning drinking craft coffees in their robes. Additionally, Aeolus is the caliber of sailing catamaran that handles the average day on the Caribbean Sea with grace. We invite guests to set sail as well as ride on the bow seats as we head to a new destination. Therefore, join us for an unforgettable adventure with the celebrity crew on Aeolus Catamaran.