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Caribbean Rums

Caribbean Rums shares the best rums from the Windward Islands and Martinique.  Each Caribbean country has its own specific type of rum which is usually a favorite of the locals. Many top-rated rums around the world are from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and the very special Rhum Agricole of Martinique.

One minute you are casually drinking rum with a few friends at a bar in L.A.—next thing you know, you’re frantically seeking passage to an insanely difficult-to-get-to island in the French West Indies. What happened?

The Sugarcan Press

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Here below, is the web link for a documentary about rum which was broadcasted last month on CBS Sunday morning.

As you know CBS is one of the largest audiences American TV channels ( several millions of viewers )

Enjoying an adult rum beverage in the Caribbean is to feel a bit of the soul of the islands.

You can find Rum and coke at any bar in the Caribbean. As a matter of fact, in the British Virgin Islands, it’s coke with rum. The rum is nearly cheaper than the Coke A Cola. Some bartenders add a slice of lime to add to the taste. It could be white rum or dark rum, the choice is yours.

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