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Caribbean rums

The Caribbean Rum Journal 2013 shares that it has been another great year for rum. Caribbean Rum continues to grow in popularity, as more and more people around the world continue to appreciate the quality and diversity of cane spirits.

Rum Journal: The Rum Awards 2013

They have tried almost 130 rums this year from all over the Caribbean and the wider world, and while the choices were extremely difficult, the following rums have emerged as the year’s best. Here are the Caribbean Rum Awards for 2013.

Rum has been one of the top adult beverages in the Caribbean for hundreds of years. Which might explain the Caribbean rum journal’s popularity. Many Caribbean countries produce their own rums and claim theirs is the best. As you visit each country sample their rums which are offered in various combinations of chasers.

Barbados has an excellent rum punch with one of their rums garnished with nutmeg, an orange slice, and cherry. I love it. Antigua has its own rum drinks, St. Vincent likewise. Steadfast is Rum and Coke or rum and ginger.

Some rums are so smooth you can drink it straight. Guyana’s 25-year old is such a rum.

Enjoy and don’t drink and drive.

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