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Fort Oranje, St. Eustatia

Just a 20-minute flight from St Maarten, the Caribbean Island vacation St. Eustatius only has 4,000 residents. St. Eustatius or Statia is in the northern part of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies.

It lies northwest of St. Kitts and currently isn’t yet a tourism destination in any significant way. St. Eustatius has managed to retain its serene allure amidst the bustling tourism of the region. 

So, let’s delve into the picturesque streets of Oranjestad, the island’s main town. Cobblestone paths and 18th-century Dutch colonial buildings adorn the town, offering a glimpse of a bygone era.

Oranjestad: A Journey Back in Time

The main town, Oranjestad, is a captivating sight with its winding streets and charming pathways. Wander through history as you encounter 18th-century Dutch colonial buildings nestled amidst scattered small homes.

Then, enjoy the serene ambiance as you sip a coffee at one of the few outdoor cafes. Or you may listen to the melodies of a street trumpeter and capture the essence of the past through snapshots. And don’t forget to visit the quaint art gallery that adds a touch of cultural richness to the town.

Embracing Simplicity: the Island Statia, a Rare Find in the Caribbean

Unlike many other Caribbean islands, the Island of St. Eustatius has chosen a different path. It doesn’t solely rely on tourism as its primary economic driver

While the island could certainly benefit from more tourism services, it takes pride in its purity and slow-paced lifestyle. St. Eustatius Island is a place where peace and purity replace the hustle and bustle of typical tourist spots.

Attractions to Discover in St. Eustatius Island

The Quill

This dormant volcano is a fascinating natural wonder on St. Eustatius.

Lush plants now surround the volcano in the Boven National Park. It’s a protected area where visitors can enjoy the island’s natural beauty.

As a result, hiking through the forested slopes of The Quill became a popular activity for nature enthusiasts. The trail offers a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s tropical flora and fauna. As you ascend, you’ll find stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the Caribbean Sea and nearby islands.

Reaching the top of The Quill is a great achievement. It’s a perfect spot for photos and enjoying nature’s peace. Furthermore, the caldera, the sunken center of the volcano, holds a dense forest, creating a magical and unique atmosphere.

Fort Oranje

Fort Oranje is an essential historical site in St. Eustatius. The Dutch built it in the 18th century where it defended the island from rival European powers and pirates.

It holds an intriguing place in history as it was here that the “First Salute” took place in 1776. Additionally, the governor of St. Eustatius acknowledged the United States’ flag and granted it a salute. This signified the first international recognition of the newly formed country’s independence.

Golden Rock

The Golden Rock is a remarkable earth formation on St. Eustatius. It’s a massive volcanic boulder perched atop a hill, seemingly defying gravity.

The rock’s golden hue, particularly during sunset, adds to its allure and makes it a must-visit spot for tourists. Getting to the Golden Rock involves a short hike, making it accessible to most visitors.

Breathtaking views of the island’s coastline and the sparkling Caribbean Sea The reward trekkers. Hence, the Golden Rock has become an iconic symbol of St. Eustatius and a popular spot for photography and relaxation.

For this reason, visitors often enjoy picnics near the rock, basking in the tranquility and beauty of the island’s natural surroundings.

Secluded Caribbean Island, Adventurous Journey

To reach this scenic paradise, guests have the option of chartering boats from nearby Antigua or St. Martin. Embark on an exciting sailing adventure on motor-yachts, sailboats, or catamarans.

St. Eustatius welcomes those seeking a genuine Caribbean experience. Its untouched landscapes, traditional architecture, and local culture come together to create a notable experience. Here, you can truly connect with nature and history, thanks to the absence of aggressive tourism.

Also, guests may opt to stay in The Old Gin House Hotel. This structure stands as a charming beachfront boutique hotel located at the heart of Sint Eustatius. It’s nearby prime scuba diving spots in Statia.

St. Eustatius, the Caribbean’s prized secret, invites you to experience a different kind of vacation. Embrace the simplicity, bask in the tranquility, and immerse yourself in the charms of this hidden gem.

Finally, you can choose to walk through Oranjestad’s historical streets or sail through its pristine waters. Either way, you’ll find that St. Eustatius offers a memorable journey that sets it apart from other Caribbean destinations.

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