“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
S'Y lightheart

Captain Only boat charter – Sailing yacht “Lightheart” wins the BEST of the Virgin Islands Award! Congratulations to Captain Peter Branning on this wonderful award.

His hard work and dedication are clearly paying off. If you’re looking for a Captain-Only Charter Yacht in the Virgin Islands, look no further than LIGHT HEART

What is a Captain-Only boat Charter?

A Captain Only charter is a yacht charter that comes with a captain but no additional crew. The captain drives the yacht, and you take care of everything else, including cooking and housekeeping.

With a Captain-only rental, you assist the captain in sailing as well as picking up a few sailing techniques along the way. You cook for everyone and clean the galley as well as make your bed and clean the head. What’s the best part? Your cost is typically 75% of a fully crewed yacht.

This is a great way to enhance your boat handling skills and save a little money. You and your group are the Crew on a Captain Only boat charter. The captain’s role is primarily as a guide, advisor, and helmsman.

Unlike a bareboat charter, where there is no captain or crew, Captain-Only yachts include water sports equipment i.e. snorkel, kayak, paddle-board, wake-boarding, etc. Scuba diving is available on some boat charters for an additional charge. Sailing in the US Virgin Islands

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