“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

This sample Puerto-Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary will let you experience the Caribbean of 30 years ago. If you are in search of deserted beaches, warm breezes, and crystal-clear water, you will find it in the Spanish Virgin Islands. While enjoying the luxury of a crewed yacht charter. These enchanting islands, home to world-renowned beaches and the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, are waiting for you. In addition to reefs brimming with colorful marine life.

And this Caribbean paradise is so close to the Puerto Rican mainland. The Spanish Virgin Islands (SVI) is a term for the islands between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Culebra and Vieques are the two main islands. Puerto Rico is an archipelago. Therefore it has dozens of smaller islands and islets associated with it. On Culebrita, you can hike to the ruins of a lighthouse. Then snorkel with turtles near Tortuga Beach.

Catamaran Manna, your fabulous fun, and luxurious home while exploring the Spanish Virgin Islands on this Puerto- Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary
Catamaran Manna, your fabulous fun, and beautiful home while exploring the Spanish Virgin Islands on this Puerto-Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary

Day 1 Board in Puerto del Rey Marina, Fajardo. Sail to Isla Palominos

This itinerary is only a guide for you. It is an example of places and activities waiting for you to explore. Before setting sail, you will discuss all your interests and preferences with your captain. Now enjoy planning your Puerto-Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary.

When you arrive at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, it will only take about 90 minutes for you to arrive at Marina Puerto Del Rey in Fajardo. Meet the amazing crew of your beautiful charter yacht in this excellent marina. Indeed the largest marina in the Caribbean. It is in fact so popular that the Pirates of the Caribbean leave their movie prop boat here sometimes. 

After welcome cocktails and a brief safety meeting, you will be ready to start your adventure. Are you ready to dive, snorkel, kayak, windsurf, hike, and explore even more? On your first day, you will sail a short distance from Fajardo to the private Isla Palominos. It has a size of about 104 acres. And is one of a few private islands throughout Puerto Rico.


Moreover, this very scenic island is famous for its white-sand beaches and pristine blue waters. Your yacht will anchor off-shore, and you can spend the afternoon lounging under swaying palm trees. This is the ultimate in peace and relaxation.

Manna's Virgin Island Pirate Map
Manna’s Virgin Island Pirate Map
  • Beaches – Unwind on a beautiful white-sand beach. Then lounge under palm trees.
  • Snorkel and swim – Crystal clear water is ideal for exploring the marine life around the reefs in the mooring fields.
  • Cayo Palominitos – Have the crew take you to this one-acre sandy key in the dinghy. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Palominitos is one of ten small keys and islands that make up La Cordillera Natural Reserve. To point out: This little island has appeared in some major Hollywood movies. Various scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean: “On Stranger Tides” were filmed here.

Day 2 Isla Palominos to Cayo Luis Peña  Puerto-Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary

On your second day in the Spanish Virgin Islands, you will sail 14 nautical miles from Isla Palominos to Cayo Luis Peña. This is a small, beautiful, uninhabited island off the west coast of Culebra. It is part of the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge with a collection of small protected beaches.


  • Enjoy your slice of the beach. Escape from tourist crowds on these small protected beaches. The west side of the island has a gorgeous white-sand beach. It is furthermore ideal for swimming.
  • Hike – Wear sturdy shoes for pretty nature walks. And by all means, look for wild goats.
  • Kayak – Enjoy a kayak tour around the entire island.
  • Snorkeling – Remember to bring the underwater camera provided by the crew. Find healthy corals, sea fans, and various colorful tropical fish.

You will spend another fantastic and relaxing night aboard your yacht.

Day 3 Sail to Dakity Reef, Explore Culebra

You will wake up early to the incredible heavenly smells of breakfast. Your chef created a delicious meal specific to your likes. Your adventurous day will in effect, be filled with swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

It will be a short sail to Culebra. The island with no nightclubs, casinos, or high-rise hotels. Moreover, snorkeling and scuba diving around Culebra are genuinely magnificent. It has, indeed, some of the finest beaches in the world. Great coral reefs encircle the island. This small island has been included in “World’s Best Islands for Snorkeling.” And it is in summary all about the beaches and relaxation.


  • Playa Tamarindo – Your first stop today. The waters are calm since Cayo Luis Peña protects Playa Tamarindo from severe winds. The perfect spot for the entire family to swim, snorkel, and kayak. Swim with sea turtles and abundant marine life in warm shallow waters. Look for orange and yellow cushion sea stars as well as sea cucumbers. Also, explore beautiful coral reefs. Snorkeling here is particularly spectacular. Playa Tamarindo offers shaded spots, ideal for relaxing. From here, you will sail to:
  • Ensenada Dakity – Dinghy into the great little town of Dewey. An eclectic assembly of tiny wooden houses and a few beautiful restaurants. The natural attraction, however, is the beaches.  Be sure to check out the Dinghy Dock restaurant. An open-air beach spot with great views over the bay. Ensenada Dakity is a perfectly protected bay behind the Dakity reef. It offers cobalt blue waters and is one of the best sites for swimming, snorkeling, and diving on Culebra. Since there is no fresh water runoff in Culebra, the visibility is among the best in the world. Your next destination will be:
  • Bahia de Almodovar – Called Las Pelas by the locals. The nearby reef is very picturesque and lots of fun to snorkel. Almodovar is, after all, protected by reefs all around. For lots of fun, wakeboard behind the dinghy. Kayak or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)around the bay and explore this beautiful part of Culebra.

Now relax on the trampoline while sipping on a piña colada, and savor the view of the moon rising over the bay. You will spend the night anchored in the magnificent, calm waters of Bahia de Almodovar.

Swim with sea turtles in the SVI
Swim with sea turtles in the SVI

Day 4 Sail to Culebrita Puerto-Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary

Today, try to wake early to see the sunrise over the bay. A truly memorable moment worthy of some fabulous Instagram photos to send home. This morning’s sail is short. The captain will sail east to Culebrita. A small, uninhabited corner of pure paradise. The entire island is in essence, a wildlife refuge. This is one of the oldest wildlife refuges in the National Park System. As Teddy Roosevelt established it in 1909.


Snorkeling and Diving– Are excellent here. The underwater world offers you colorful and plentiful marine life. It is very common to see sea turtles. In addition, the reefs are teeming with fish. From queen angelfish to parrotfish and barracuda. Moreover, your yacht often offers unlimited diving for certified divers.

Day 5 Explore Culebrita

Savor every morsel of your scrumptious breakfast onboard your chartered yacht. Then get ready to explore this stunningly beautiful, unspoiled Caribbean paradise.

Snorkeling in Culebrita's crystal clear waters
Snorkeling in Culebrita’s crystal clear waters


  • Beach – Playa Tortuga beach. You can enjoy a deliciously prepared picnic by your chef. This is the main beach in Culebrita. With the most beautiful white powder sand and spectacular turquoise blue water. Above all, home to the feeding grounds for Green turtles, which can be seen here frequently.
  • Hike – To one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. The lighthouse built in the 19th-century monument is the only structure on the island worth exploring. And say hello to the goats along the way. It is located on top of a hill with an exceptionally breathtaking view.
  • Relax in the Bath/Jacuzzi – Located at the end of Playa Tortuga, towards the rocky area. It is an opening between two parts of Culebrita. You will have to climb over some rocks and wear proper shoes to get there. At low tide, it has tide pools deep enough to swim in. Since the shallow water is very warm, it feels like a “bath.” As the tide comes in, the wave action from the ocean surges back and forth. Giving it the feeling of a “jacuzzi.”

Day 6 Sail to Vieques, Bahia Salina del Sur | Puerto-Rico to Puerto-Rico Itinerary

On day 6 of your Spanish Virgin Island itinerary, you will sail approximately 1-2 hours from Culebrita to Bahia Salina del Sur. The easternmost bay is on the south side of Vieques. On Vieques, it is indeed Mother Nature who is the star of the show.

Explore the bay for shipwrecks. Some vessels were sunk here in the middle of a large seagrass area. They have therefore been functioning as productive artificial coral reef habitats.

And at night, sit on the upper deck of your yacht and relish the sky full of bright, twinkling stars. Additionally, the dark sky is the perfect background for observing some celestial constellations you might be unable to see at home.

Day 7 Sail along the Vieques coast to Ensanada Sun Bay and Esperanza

You will forever fondly remember the sail along the south coast of Vieques. A true sailors paradise. Each bay is more beautiful than the next. This holds especially true for La Chiva Beach. Today your captain will anchor at Ensanada Sun Bay.


Feral horses on the beach of Vieques
Paso Fino horses on the beach of Vieques
  • Snorkel – La Chiva Beach. Snorkel over crystal clear water, and savor breathtaking scenery. The waters here are, as a matter of fact, pure perfection. Schools of colorful fish enjoy this area.
  • Sun Bay Beach
  • Kayak
  • Explore Esperanza – Take the dinghy to the town of Esperanza. This is a fun, laid-back little town with very helpful and pleasant locals. Do not be in a rush. You will enjoy Vieques even more. By all means, try some Puerto Rican food at one of the restaurants or bars. Find time to explore the island. Walk the Malecón. This island also has some unusual residents: The Paso Fino horses. They are, as a matter of fact, descendants of those brought by the Spaniards hundreds of years ago. These horses have free reign on Vieques. You can even find them roaming around the beaches.
  • Mosquito Bay – Have the crew arrange a nighttime BioLuminescence kayak tour. You will find the world’s largest and brightest Bio Bay right here on Vieques. As your paddles or hands move through the water, the microorganisms react, creating incredible neon light. You certainly cannot miss this natural phenomenon. It is indeed one of the most dazzling sights of its kind anywhere.

After this incredible experience in Mosquito Bay, observing Mother Nature at its best, enjoy your last night on board. Your chef will treat you to a memorable dinner. Lay on the trampoline with your favorite cocktail in hand. Knowing that life cannot get better than at this very moment.

Enjoy a magnificent Caribbean sunset on your luxurious yacht
Enjoy a magnificent Caribbean sunset on your luxurious yacht

Day 8 Sail to Fajardo

On your last morning in the SVI, rise early to savor the gorgeous Caribbean waters and magnificent beaches. Have the crew pamper you for a couple more hours. While you enjoy the breeze and sun on your sail back to Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo.

It will be hard to say goodbye to the crew. They will arrange your transportation back to the airport. Vow to be back as soon as possible.

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