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Map of British Virgin Islands

The following story was written by the Caribbean Journal Staff about the British Virgin Islands Seismic Monitoring System, which is getting a boost. This is very helpful for the British Virgin Islands since it is impacted by earthquakes which can cause tsunamis.

“The BVI seismic monitoring system has gotten a new boost. The territory recently saw the installation of a tide gauge that is part of a regional tsunami warning system currently being developed in the Caribbean. The gauge was installed by a pair of “scientific instrumentation specialists”

“It is part of a network of about seven tide gauges around the Caribbean which work together with the seismic stations to generate alerts if an earthquake occurs, and there is the possibility of a tsunami developing,” said Juan Lugo Toro, one of the two specialists.

The tide gauge has two sensors, one of which serves as the backup if the primary sensor fails.

“It will help with our tsunami warning system and it is also essential for observing sea level rise and other long-term changes in the coastline,”

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